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Re: when I try to open file with another user on CYGWIN , I get access denied message

On 16/05/2017 17:59, cyg Simple wrote:

On 5/16/2017 10:44 AM, Alex wrote:
Yes I did , but I can access only the current files. If they send new
file next time, it won't get this setup so not possible to open.

I need something like folder permission and will apply to all files in
it also must be apply to files   will be created latter

Make sure that the directories are all created by Cygwin processes.

Only the folder mounted to home directory created on Windows
as I entered the below in fstab;
E:/SFTP/samplefolder /home/gm-user1/samplefolder ntfs override,binary,noacl 0 0

so other user try to access to E:/SFTP/samplefolder

     From the top of the device.
Make sure that the directories can be read by group members.
I created SFTP_User group in AD and both of them members
Ensure that the test1 and test2 users are of the same group.
But when I run ls -la on inside the Samplefolder, owner says gm-user1 groups says Domain Users , not sure why it shows Domain users


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