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Re: when I try to open file with another user on CYGWIN , I get access denied message

On 16/05/2017 20:08, Brian Inglis wrote:
On 2017-05-16 02:12, Alex wrote:
I have windows 2008 server and external partner requested me to install
CGYWIN on it so they can send a file to via SSH. I created a domain user
called test1 and they sent me the public key and installed home folder.
They can send the file without any problem. I can able to read and
delete if I login to windows server with test1 username.
My problem is I can not open that files with another username. I have a
username call test2 and I need to login to windows server with this
username and run the script to import the files from test1 folder. I got
access denied message when I try to open it.
file permission show ;
I changed the umask in profile to 002 , but did not fix the problem.
Any idea?
By the way I have a little knowledge of linux

You would have to change umask in sshd's user's profile to perhaps have
any effect.

I did in the /etc/profile but not sure what you mean in sshd's user's profile !

You may want to check the receiving directory DACLs with getfacl .../
and if necessary change them with setfacl -m d:g::r--,d:o::r-- if only
data is being transferred to that directory.

#getfacl samplefolder
#owner :gm-user1
#group :Domain User
user ::rwx
group :: r-x

Yes they only transfer to file in this folder, if I run setfacl for this directory, will it apply to files inside and the file will be added later ?

Removing directory DACLs e.g. with setfacl -bk .../ can stop Windows
programs being able to read or write directories or contents.

Get them to set the permissions chmod +r on the source if possible,
they said already give the file with full permission for everyone

and send with scp -p.


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