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Re: setup-x86.exe default view

On 5/19/2017 8:40 AM, Nellis, Kenneth wrote:
> From: Sky Diver 
>> Actually, the preferred user experience would be to:
>> 1. Start in Category view
>> 2. Select whatever packages to install/remove/etc.
>> 3. Click "Next"
>> 4. Have the Pending view show up in order to review whatever is going
>> to be installed.
>> 5. Have the option to Approve / Cancel / Go Back

I like this scenario

> I am perfectly happy with the current Setup; however I would 
> be surprised if the typical user did not launch Setup mainly 
> to update packages already installed. 

The be surprised.  I typically don't run setup unless I need something
new.  I might update once a year.

> Accordingly, Pending is the logical view to show first.

Says you, but I don't agree.  It's confusing.

> But I recognize that it would 
> be good to also show Pending as the last stage before actual 
> installation. Therefore, if changes are made to Setup, perhaps 
> start with Pending. If anything is added or deleted by going 
> off the Pending view, then Next should take you back to 
> Pending for a final review before actual installation.

cyg Simple

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