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Accessing SMB share as wrong user?

All my files are on drive P: in Windows, which is an SMB share
equivalent to \\fsfs\ddb\Documents.  Everything works fine in windows
apps, and I see what I expect in Explorer, including when I go down to
security properties and look in detail.

However, Cygwin has trouble with this lately (I can't trace exactly when
it started happening; not weeks, maybe a year, but I've been running
essentially this way since 2006 and most of the time things were fine).

Cygwin appears to be accessing the share as some kind of unknown user,
rather than as the proper user configured in Windows for that share
(which is FSFS\ddb).

In Cygwin "id" shows
$ id
uid=197608(David Dyer-Bennet) gid=197121(None)
groups=197121(None),114(Local account and member of Administrators
LOGON),11(Authenticated Users),15(This Organization),113(Local
account),66048(LOCAL),262154(NTLM Authentication),405504(High Mandatory

but if I create a file it gets created owned by "Unknown+User":
$ touch foobar

David Dyer-Bennet@DDB4 /cygdrive/p
$ ls -l foobar
----r--r-- 1 Unknown+User Unix_Group+1001 0 May 28 17:27 foobar

David Dyer-Bennet@DDB4 /cygdrive/p
$ getfacl foobar
# file: foobar
# owner: Unknown+User
# group: Unix_Group+1001

And then of course I can't access it:
$ echo things >> foobar
-bash: foobar: Permission denied

I haven't that I've noticed done anything to change what user I run as;
$USER is "David Dyer-Bennet" (the Windows username I'm in under), and
/etc/passwd has default output from mkpasswd, including the user "David
Dyer-Bennet" with the UID 197608 (same is ID shows at the command line).

At least I can count on people here not answering "just ditch
David Dyer-Bennet <>

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