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Re: Installing sshd on W7 reveals errors in CSIH_SCRIPT -- patch file against master

On Wed, 7 Jun 2017 16:35:57, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> > Sigh! ... it has been years and YEARS! since I exercised git. So I attemp=
> ted
> > to do what you are asking for ...
> >=20
> >  - cloned csih
> >  - branched
> >  - created TWO fixes in that branch
> >  - invoked 'git format-patch -n HEAD^^' # which is completely new to
> >=20
> > Two files were created ... I included them here. Sufficient?
> Well, this is pretty awkward.  I have to extract the patches from the
> mail and apply them then.  It's easier to have them as *real* attachments,
> or just sent as patch series by `git send-email'C, so they apply without
> having to edit them.

Sorry ...

My regular MUA does not support 'In-Reply-to' ...

Therefore I cannot use my regular MUA, as I am NOT subcribed to the list; for
this reason, I make use of a kludge, which allows me to respond to the thread.

However this kludge does not support sending attachments.

Next time I will do both. Respond to the thread with a reply that will refer
to a message (sent by my regular MUA) which will have the attachements.

Would that fullfil all requirements?



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