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Re: RPC clnt_create() adress already in use

On Feb  5 14:34, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Feb  5 12:26, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > To reiterate the problem we observe:
> > 
> > - socket()
> > - setsockopt (SO_REUSEADDR)
> > - bind() succeeds
> > - connect() fails with EADDRINUSE while socket is still in TIME_WAIT
> > 
> > using bindresvport in place of bind only marginally changes the
> > situation, in particular if the second parameter is set and requests a
> > port number != 0.  What happens in that case is that bindresvport calls
> > bind with this port number and checks if bind returns EADDRINUSE.
> > 
> > Only then it tries to bind other port numbers in the reserved range.
> > But we now know that bind will never return EADDINUSE if the SO_REUSEADDR
> > socket option has been set.
> > 
> > Even assuming the process calls bindresvport(sock, NULL) we may end up
> > returning a port number already in use if the process is the only Cygwin
> > process on the system.  The reason is that Cygwin uses a round robin
> > approach which relies on having a globally shared value called
> > last_used_bindresvport.  If the process is the only Cygwin process on
> > the system, this information is lost after exiting the process, so the
> > next process will start with the same start port number and bind will
> > again fail to notice the client with EADDRINUSE.
> > 
> > What potential solutions to this problem do we have?
> > 
> > - bindresvport could enforce SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE temporarily to make
> >   sure bind fails.
> Nope, no way.  Even enforcing SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE results in the
> second bind succeeding and the subsequent connect failing.  The
> entire SO_REUSEADDR/SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE semantics only works as
> desired on the server side apparently
> > - bindresvport could check every local address for being free prior
> >   to calling bind.  However, there's a potential race here.
> > 
> > - DisconnectEx?  Never tried this Winsock extension but it might be
> >   worth a shot.

I think I have a very simple solution for the scenario which calls
bindresvport with port number.  Still looking for a solution for
the second problem...


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