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Re: OpenBLAS patch for Cygwin

On Tue, Feb 6, 2018 at 7:07 PM, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Erik Bray writes:
>> Assuming this looks good (feedback welcome) it might be nice to have
>> this patch included in the next release of the official OpenBLAS
>> package for Cygwin since its incompatibility with fork() has caused
>> problems in the past [1].
> It would be vastly preferrable if OPenBLAS ditched the (unfortunately
> quite common) notion that "Cygwin is some sort of Windows" for "Cygwin
> is some sort of Linux".  I've patched out quite some bit of conditionals
> like that in some other packages and it was almost always for the
> better.  The worst ones are those that go into the Windows conditional
> branch and then on to "oh wait, but for Cygwin we need something else".

Yup--OpenBLAS treats Cygwin as "some sort of Windows" and you can see
in my pull requests that there are some conditions like "if WINDOWS &&

I will probably try another patch to remove that notion in general.

I've had a little other experience with patching OpenBLAS for Cygwin
and it's one of those cases where upstream is, fortunately, receptive
to supporting it as a platform.  Their existing Cygwin support has
just been a bit janky (a previous patch I submitted installed the DLL
as cygopenblas.dll instead of libopenblas.dll, for example).


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