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[ANNOUNCEMENT] cygcheck-dep-3.0-2

Version 3.0-2 of cygcheck-dep has been uploaded.

cygcheck-dep is a bash script for displaying information on dependencies
for installed Cygwin packages. For example: the information about package
leaves; packages with broken dependencies; obsolete, and orphaned packages;
particular package's dependencies; unused dependencies that can be removed
along with particular package meant for uninstalling. See --help for more

It can be useful if you are using some Cygwin software, and want to
keep the Cygwin installation directory clean from unused packages.

Changelog since version 2.1-1:
  * the script is almost completely rewritten to reflect the changes
    in setup.exe functioning and for clean code;
  * the legacy code for support of Cygwin Ports collection is dropped;
  * there are new command options.



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