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Re: Necessary/Essential Packages for Cygwin GNOME and KDE Installation

On 2018-05-31 12:56, Auteria W. Winzer Jr. via cygwin wrote:
I want to install the latest Cygwin GNOME and KDE desktops on Windows 10, yet from online searches the information that's currently out there is obsolete.

For example, after reviewing the GNOME install procedure, when I add the URL to the list of mirrored installation sites, it comes back with an HTTP 404 "site not found".
The same holds true for KDE. The installation procedure states add the URL to the list of mirrored installation sites, it also returns an HTTP 404 error "site not found"

These projects are ancient and no longer supported.

However, I see GNOME and KDE categories within Cygwin setup. My questions are 1) What are the essential/necessary packages to install both GNOME and KDE? I haven't come across online info on the steps necessary.

For the GNOME (Flashback) DE, install gnome-flashback (and its dependencies).
For the Plasma DE, install plasma-workspace (and its dependencies).

On my Windows 8 laptop, I was able to install GNOME and KDE Desktops with no issues back then, and they were linked to XWin Server where if I right click on the Cygwin X Server Icon, they're listed in the table of contents to invoke.

Each DE installs a Start Menu entry (under Cygwin-X) with which you should start it.


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