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Re: AutoSSH problem

On 06/01/18 23:03, René Berber wrote:
The behavior looks normal.

Quoting from the autossh man page:

"Startup behaviour

If the ssh session fails with an exit status of 1 on the very first try,

1.' will assume that there is some problem with syntax or the connection
setup, and will exit rather than retrying;

2.' There is a "starting gate" time. If the first ssh process fails
within the first few seconds of being started, autossh assumes that it
never made it "out of the starting gate", and exits. This is to handle
initial failed authentication, connection, etc. This time is 30 seconds
by default, and can be adjusted (see the AUTOSSH_GATETIME environment
variable below). If AUTOSSH_GATETIME is set to 0, then both behaviours
are disabled: there is no "starting gate", and autossh will restart even
if ssh fails on the first run with an exit status of 1. The "starting
gate" time is also set to 0 when the -f flag to autossh is used. "

Thank you for highlighting this point, René.

You are right: it "looks" normal, from far :)

However, looking closer to the log, you should see (or not, looking back at it it's not obvious) that I halted the connection the server about three minutes in:

2018/06/01 13:17:41 autossh[20680]: set alarm for 600 secs
Connection to closed by remote host.
2018/06/01 13:20:52 autossh[20680]: check on child 4988

So something still doesn't line up. :/

I may try my dumpo-magic (I think it's actually called "DebugDiag",

But as said earlier it's probably going to poop (no pun intended) about AutoSSH being a cygwin program.

I will take a read on how debugging goes on Cygwin, or look at AutoSSH 1.4e (and how to get it.)

Kindest regards,

Thank you for your answer!

Germain Le Chapelain
Lanvaux Computer Games Limited

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