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Re: My delayed complaint about spam on this list

On 2018-06-04 21:30, Frank Farance wrote:
> Hi, I enjoy reading the cygwin E-mails, one of the few E-mail lists I
> regularly follow.  And I've administered multiple E-mail lists over
> two-plus decades.
> I've seen a bunch of spam, and it's continued for a while (beyond my
> expectation that it would have already ended).  This kinda spam is
> typically solved by having the E-mail list restricted: only members can
> submit to the list.  Maybe this has been done already ... but if not,
> please enable this mailing list feature.  Now if those members start
> submitting spam, then you can give them warnings and (ultimately) they
> can lose their membership.  And if people start forging E-mail
> addresses, you can turn on various SPF-like features to make sure the
> E-mail is coming from a that source (or an equivalent feature might work
> well, too).

It isn't very nice to put "please email" in error and
warning messages then deny people the opportunity to send the email.
"Please register first" is annoying as shit.  I have certainly not
reported bugs to lists that make me do that.  The same applies to bug

> If you would like to reply to me, please send your response to me
> directly, DO NOT SEND TO THE LIST.  I will summarize back to the list. 
> (Think: Old-School 1980s USENET unix-wizards kinda framework.)

No thanks.  I wish to discuss this openly.

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