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Re: My delayed complaint about spam on this list

On Tue, 5 Jun 2018 20:18:59, Frank Farance wrote:
No, I'm not suggesting that one must be subscribed, I'm pointing out that if
one wants to have a back and forth discussion (in a practical sense), some
kinda registration/subscription system is necessary.

No, its not? did not you read my post? i have a tool that allow replies without
being subscribed:

Someone suggested a moderator (or multiple moderators) that would approve
messages from outsiders.

ok cool, but whos going to do it? are you volunteering? if so you should email
the proper group as indicated here:

That sounds like the easiest approach because it anyone can write to the list
and there would be just a short delay for those people who aren't subscribers,
but the main benefit would be the lack of spam.

No. I am not interested in a "short delay". As I am sure others are not either.
Why should we be penalized because we dont want our inboxes flooded?

I'm not tied to any technology, and I'm happy to have heard some more
discussion, which better informed me about some of the Use Cases I was unaware

ive seen plenty of discussion already - it seems several are against or strongly


So here's my question (and it assumes that there would be volunteer(s) to

so i guess that means you arent volunteering?

Question: "Would a moderation system work where subscribers could send
messages directly, but non-subscribers would need a moderator to approve the


If that is acceptable,

Its not.

then the next step would be to find a couple volunteers.
Your thoughts?

again, since you are championing this, it is odd that you yourself are not

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