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Re: Re: Problematic interpretion of paths starting with double slashes

On 6/12/18, Sven Eden  wrote:
>> Gesendet: Dienstag, 12. Juni 2018 um 13:52 Uhr Von: "Eric Blake"
>> Then fix your script to provide 3 slashes instead of 2. Only 2 slashes
>> has the magic UNC behavior.
> It is not my script. *my* scripts are portable by all means.
>> That is, if you have a script that is concatenating:
>> ${prefix}/${dir}
>> where ${prefix} might be empty, you can always rewrite it to be:
>> ${prefix}///${dir}
> The script was "fixed" from ${prefix}/${dir} a while ago.
> Before that the outcome was "///".
> Which is very bad style.

but it was portable

> Good style is to guarantee, that
> not more than one slash is issued.

Why don't you submit a patch to guarantee that not more than one slash
is issued?
Or submit a bug report that the earlier patch broke portability?

Asking cygwin to change their long standing, posix allowed,
implementation defined behavior seems like the least likely way to get
the problem fixed.


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