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Re: 2.10.0: Cygwin now can not work well with a file in dos format.

On 6/16/2018 3:06 PM, Michel LaBarre wrote:

[Michel LaBrre:]
I also find the decision unfortunate as I am one of the many riff-raff who use Cygwin to supplement windows
and have no need for strict POSIX compliance but then I get what I pay for :-)  In any event I have a few

   1. Where in the release notes is this mentioned so that I can try to ensure that I find out about future changes?
        Searching for Cygwin release notes gets me to
        In which I have found no (or could not recognise) mention of no longer stripping CR.
        Are there more detailed release notes somewhere else? for sed

   2. Various "solutions" have been noted for gawk in related emails - all require minor but pervasive code changes.
       Are there any similar solutions for the other tools besides scattering "tr" all over the place?
       Is everything affected from sort to grep to join?  This could impact the use of such tools with multiple files
       some of which come from Win32 tools and others from Cygwin tools.  I may be wrong about the
       pervasiveness of the impact since, as I said, nothing was apparent in the release notes that I found.

       Also, I don't recall seeing related discussions in this mail-list.  Would these have taken place in
       another Cygwin-developer-focused mail-list?

no. here

my solution is to use d2u and u2d of dos2unix package
for moving files between the two formats.

   3. Is there any chance of Cygwin providing a pervasive file behaviour control switch for all the affected tools
      that have been used generally for text rather than binary data handling?

LF and CRLF format files are both text but in different environments

   4. Would MSYS be better for those of us who are trying to supplement Windows rather than running Linux
        on Windows?

it depends on your preference.


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