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Re: Date field of ls -l command is garbled in latest cygwin1.dll snapshot.

Hi Thomas,

On Sun, 24 Jun 2018 18:34:06 +0200
Thomas Wolff wrote:
> I would have chosen other markers than 0/1 for the two cases (maybe 
> "firstlast" for the new one), and not put it in the middle, but you 
> fixed it anyway; except for the Private Use ranges E000..F8FF, 
> F0000..FFFFD, 100000..10FFFD, but their category Co isn't used anyway.

Thanks for your comments.

Mark for "Last":
I will use isNormalOrRangeFirst/isRangeLast instead of 0/1 to clarify
the intent.

Position of "Last" mark:
I put the mark 0/1 in the middle, i.e. before the category mark, so that
uniq command can ignore it with -f option which is used in your script.
If I put it after category mark, uniq command put a blank line before
"Last" entry, which will be replaced with undesirable "range" by sed.

Category "Co":
They are already removed in your original script, so I followed it.

> I suggest you submit your patch directly to 

I will submit a new patch to

> One issue, though:
> Apparently, you used a Unicode version other than 10.0 as a reference, 
> probably 11.0. Maybe the fixing patch should be based on the same 
> version, for better clarity and to reduce the diff (fewer changes in 
> categories.t and none in caseconv.t).
> We can update to 11.0 in addition, but:
> Brian wrote:
> >> These entries change with every Unicode release, and a new one came 
> >> out a few
> >> weeks ago, updated here yesterday.
> The library updated to 11.0 is probably icu, which isn't used here. The 
> libc generation scripts use the original Unicode files which are 
> packaged in unicode-ucd which is still at 10.0.

I will remake a patch based on UnicodeData.txt of version 10.0.

Thank you.

Takashi Yano <>

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