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Re: win dirs don't handle lack of inherited rule(?): getfacl + tar dir Warning: Cannot acl_to_text: Invalid argument

On 3/10/2019 7:09 AM, Brian Inglis wrote:
> Define this sh function, run it on problematic directories or files, and reply
> with the output:
> # lsp - list permissions with ls, getfacl, icacls
> lsp ()
> {
>     local p;
>     for p in "$@";
>     do
>         ls --color=auto -dl "$p";
>         getfacl "$p";
>         icacls "$(cygpath -m ""$p"")";
>     done
> }
> e.g. and running my cygcheck sanitizer over the output:
    What is your cygcheck sanitizer?  I don't think I'm familiar with it...

ok, the top directory of my Palemoon install just below the
profiles dir has the problem from tar:

tar: default.nlaw-32: Warning: Cannot acl_to_text: Invalid argument
Your script (thank you very much!), shows:

> lstp default.nlaw-32
drwxrwx---+ 1 Bliss\law Bliss\lawgroup 0 Mar 12 08:30 default.nlaw-32
# file: default.nlaw-32
# owner: Bliss\law
# group: Bliss\lawgroup
group:Bliss\Domain Admins:rwx
getfacl: default.nlaw-32: Invalid argument

default.nlaw-32 NULL SID:(DENY)(Rc,S,REA,WEA,X,DC)
                NT SERVICE\TrustedInstaller:(RX,W,DC)
                NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM:(RX,W,DC)
                BLISS\Domain Admins:(RX,W,DC)
                Mandatory Label\High Mandatory Level:(I)(OI)(CI)(NW)

Successfully processed 1 files; Failed processing 0 files
Does that give any insight into the problem?

> Just because Explorer does not understand those ACLs' order does not mean they
> are invalid or wrong: just not set via the Explorer interface using its simple
> approach - only Explorer is confused; that's why Explorer has an Advanced
> security pane - to set stuff Explorer can't.
    ??? Um...I don't think I ever use it's simple interface -- it bothers
me because it isn't literal enough (hides too much detail).

    Are we doing posix acls or sun acls?  I thought at one point they were
> Don't let Explorer cleanup, fix, or reorder those ACLs to avoid grief!
> Explorer dislikes a lot of what I work with, so I don't use Explorer much:
> pcmanfm works for me.
It doesn't -- its the advanced panel that I use for resetting.  The problem
is that it isn't just Explorer.  After a reinstall, I had odd permissions in
several places, so I got "can't write" errors when I tried to use a
music player
that had its database in roaming profile.  I found a few oddities, like
----rwxr-x on a few directories and files.  Resetting them in cygwin
didn't fix the problem -- thus I used the advanced dialog in explorer.
The errors were that it couldn't write to various databases.

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