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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.9.7

I have uploaded mintty 2.9.7 with the following changes:

Highlights (details see below)
  * Significant improvements in bidirectional handling.
  * Text can be selected with the keyboard.
  * Explicit hyperlink attributes.
  * Avoid keyboard/echo latency.

Bidirectional rendering
  * Fixed handling of double-width chars within RTL.
  * Fixed handling of neutral chars in first or last position (UBA rule N1).
  * Updated RTL mirroring data, generating them from Unicode.

Terminal features for ECMA-48 and other bidi control
  * Support BDSM control sequence (SM/RM bidirectional support, CSI 8 h/l).
  * Private mode DECSET 2501 for "autodetection of direction" (UBA rules P2/P3).
  * Support SCP control sequences (LTR/RTL "Character Path").
  * Private mode DECSET 2500 for "box mirroring".
  * Bidi direction detection on paragraph level (wrapped lines).

Other terminal features
  * Support for OSC 8 hyperlink attribute (~#823).
  * Providing DECTABSR tab stop report.
  * Fixed DECRQM 12 which was inverted.
  * DEC Cyrillic NRCS (xterm 344).

Character rendering
  * Fixed and tweaked wavy underline / undercurl (#847).

Keyboard handling
  * Keyboard selecting mode (#84).
  * Avoid keyboard/echo/display update latency.
  * modifyOtherKeys mode supports control chars in non-Latin keyboard layout.
  * Fix modifyOtherKeys mode 1 to support Ctrl+AltGr.

Mouse link hover and click handling
  * Consistent hover highlighting.
  * Overriding modifier is also accepted in non-application mouse mode (#694).

Window handling
  * Fixed option --Border=void/frame (#843).
  * Fixed start from shortcut in Windows XP.

  * Wiki Tips: note about UTF-8 requirement for emoji support (#842).
  * Fixed description of option HandleDPI (#824, #774, #853).

  * Support for Win key modifier for user-defined keys (option KeyFunctions).
  * Support for Win key modifier for options ScrollMod and ClickTargetMod.
  * New option HoverTitle.
  * New user-definable function toggle-bidi.
  * Dropping CR from missing option error message.
  * Added FF and ESC to FilterPasteControls characters (xterm 344).

The homepage is at
It also links to the issue tracker.


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