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setup: why consult registry (rootdir) if -R has been specified?

Hi Jon,

My question is about setup.exe. Why does setup _initially_ consult
rootdir in registry if -R <rootdir> has been specified ?
(and yes, there is an installation at the rootdir that I specify
 w/ the -R option)

This is my workflow:

 - I use a shortcut to invoke setup.exe
 - my shortcut specifies -R and -l (i.c. root directory and local
E:\_cygwin64_repository\setup-2.897-x86_64.exe -n -R e:/Cygwin64 \
    -l e:/_cygwin64_repository
(start directory: E:\_cygwin64_repository)

 - updating occurs in two steps:
   1. download (w/o installing) to local directory
   2. install fr. local directory

 - I am using multiple 64-bits installations (installing packages
   from a specific local directory, dependent on the _chosen_ root
e:/_cygwin64_repository      => e:/Cygwin64
e:/_cygwin64-test_repository => e:/Cygwin64-test

I understand the need for

 - /etc/setup/installed.db ("what is installed"), and
 - /etc/setup/setup.rc
  - last cache (aka local directory or repository)
  - last mirror
  - last action

/HKLM/Software/Cygwin/setup in registry shows the root directory:
  key = rootdir, value = e:\Cygwin64
  key = rootdir, value = e:\Cygwin64-test

The value in registry changes if I "install fr. local directory"
and if I complete this step (next, next (ok), finish).
In all other cases, the value remains UNchanged.

/etc/setup/setup.rc in the root directory is updated after each
invocation of setup; that is, the root directory corresponding
to the directory specified w/ the -R option. Splendid.

However when I invoke setup (using the shortcut), setup appears
to consult /etc/setup/setup.rc in the root directory as specified
by the registry, NOT as specified by the -R option.

As result, setup (nearly) always shows _ME_ the WRONG last action
when it is started (as I switch a _lot_ between the installations
that I have).

Why does setup _initially_ ignore the root directory as specified
by the -R option, showing (me) the wrong last action (in my case)?


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