Important announcement regarding the Cygwin mailing lists
Mon Feb 1 21:08:00 GMT 1999

As you may have noticed, the Cygwin mailing lists have moved to a new
machine and to new software.

We've abandoned majordomo/sendmail configuration in favor of ezlm/qmail.
This new combination will be significantly faster in processing the
mailing lists.  This means that the lag in transmission that many of you
have noticed will now be significantly reduced.

What else does this mean to you?

1) The mailing lists will now be coming from
   If you have junk email filters or firewalls, you'll need to make
   sure to allow mail from this system through.

2) The names of the mailing lists have changed:

    gnu-win32 -> cygwin
    gnu-win32-announce -> cygwin-announce
    cygwin32-developers -> cygwin-developers

2) The subscribe and unsubscribe methods are different.  To subscribe
   to a mailing list, send mail to:

   To unsubscribe use:

   The above method subscribes the account used to send the email to the
   mailing list.  The body and subject of the message will be ignored.

   * Please note that cygwin-developers is still a by-approval mailing        *
   * list.  If you attempt to subscribe to it, your request will be forwarded *
   * to me, and I will grill you unmercifully before you're allowed to join.  *

3) Subscribing/unsubscribing using a different email address from the one that you
   used to send the request is now different:

   The above message would attempt to unsubscribe from the
   cygwin mailing list regardless of the originating email address.

4) A digest is now available.  To subscribe to it, just tack -digest
   to the name of the mailing list above, e.g.:

5) Archives are now generated in real-time and are available at:                                                      

6) uses the MAPS and ORBS relay blocking lists to
   reduce the amount of spam on the lists.  If your mail server relays mail
   note that it may be listed in one of these servers and you will not be able
   to send mail to  Should that be the case, contact
   your mail admin about fixing your mail system.

7) Questions or problems with this new setup should be directed to

The old mailing list addresses will continue to work for a month or so
to give people a chance to move over but please start effecting any
changes you need to make ASAP.

Chris Faylor
Win32 Manager
Cygnus Solutions

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