Updated: gcc-2.95.2-2 and binutils-19990818-2

Chris Faylor cgf@cygnus.com
Mon Jun 19 12:22:00 GMT 2000

I've installed a new version of the gcc and binutils package on
sourceware: cygwin/latest/gcc and cygwin/latest/binutils.


(Note that the below strong positive statements indicating that
something is fixed may well be wishful thinking.)

- Elimination of the /tmp\foo errors from various binutils tools.
  (Brought about by using a newer version of libiberty when building)

- No more "impure_ptr" errors when compiling with -mno-cygwin.
  (After exhaustive debugging)

- No more linking of libm.a since libm.a is really libcygwin.a.
  Patch from Ron Parker:

- Enable -Bdynamic, -Bstatic and linking of dlls on the command line.
  Patches from Chuck Wilson:

- Defines -Dunix when -mno-cygwin is not specified.  This was discussed
  on the Cygwin mailing list recently.  You should be able to undef
  this by saying -Uunix if it causes problems.   

- Does not automatically define any WIN32 or WINNT environment variables
  when -mno-win32 is specified.

- Eliminates usr/i686-pc-cygwin/include files.

- Fixes windres for correct handling of icons
  Patch from DJ Delorie:

To update your installation, CREATE AN EMPTY DIRECTORY, cd to it, and
download the latest version of setup.exe from the cygwin/latest
directory at a cygwin mirror site near you.  Then type:

                setup gcc
		setup binutils

Answer the questions as you did when you first installed cygwin.  This
procedure will only update the gcc and binutils packages.  If you have
not previously used the new setup.exe program to install a version of
cygwin, you probably will need to install the entire cygwin package for
correct operation.

Once the setup is complete you may remove this newly created directory.
It will contain the setup.exe program, a setup log file, and the gcc and
binutils tar files.  None of these are needed for further operation of
gcc or binutils but you can keep them around if you are interested in
reinstalling everything later.  The setup.log file contains diagnostics
that will be helpful if your installation failed for some reason.

As usual, I have only updated sourceware.  The gcc and binutils files
will take a while to propagate to the mirror sites.

If you have questions or comments, please send them to the cygwin
mailing list at:  cygwin@sourceware.cygnus.com .  I would appreciate
if you would use this mailing list rather than emailing me directly.

Christopher Faylor
GDB/Cygwin Engineering Manager
Red Hat, Inc.

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