Unsubscribing from cygwin-announce

Chris Faylor cgf@cygnus.com
Mon Jun 26 21:25:00 GMT 2000

I seem to receive plaintive email from people with each announcement
that is made to this mailing list so I thought I would send an
announcement mail informing people on how to unsubscribe before
I fired off a couple more announcements.

The most error-free way of unsubscribing is to look at the header of
this email message.  It has a line that looks like this:

This tells you where to send email to unsubscribe from this list.

So, to unsubscribe, send email to:


If this seems to difficult, you can also go to the cygwin project web


and click on the "Mailing Lists" link.  There you will see a mechanism for
either subscribing or unsubscribing to any of the cygwin mailing lists
(there are currently six).

This method requires that you know the email address that is receiving
the mailing list messages.  For some reason, this often seems to be
a source of confusion for people, so I would recommend using the
"List-Unsubscribe" method above.

If both methods fail for some reason, then you can send email to
cygwin-announce-owner and ask for help in unsubscribing.  Please,
please, please, only use this as a last resort.  I am the person who
will eventually answer this email and, as you may recall, you didn't
contact me when you subscribed to cygwin-announce.  That's because
I'm not the right mechanism for either subscribing or unsubscribing
to a mailing list unless all other methods have been exhausted.


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