Updated: setup.exe 2.57

Christopher Faylor cygwin@cygwin.com
Sun May 27 14:00:00 GMT 2001

I've uploaded a new version of setup.exe to sources.

This is one in the continuing series of "bailing as fast as I can"

This version should correctly install the opengl stuff in cygwin\lib
rather than cygwin\usr\lib.

I also want to take this opportunity to talk about what's new in the
2.5x releases of setup.exe.  A description is included below.

In case it isn't obvious, setup 2.57 is what you will get when you click
on the "Install Cygwin Now!" button.

The setup.exe program is under semi-active development.  We do have
plans to augment it.  We welcome volunteers.  Suggestions are also
welcome BUT before you decide to send a suggestion (to the mailing list,
please) please first peruse the mailing list archives and see just how
often history has repeated itself.  It's likely that other people have
as much genius potential as you and have already thought of lots of good
ideas for improving setup.exe.

As always, what we are lacking is not ideas.  We're lacking people to
do the work.

Here's a list of what's new:

- setup.exe now supports bzip2 formats.  There are no packages in cygwin
  which currently are compressed using bzip2 but we plan on converting everything
  once we're sure that this version is stable. <courtesy of Chris Faylor>

- setup.exe now honors the mount table (this caused some problems in 2.54, 2.55,
  2.56). <courtesy of Chris Faylor>

- Sources are installed in /usr/src now, by default (there is currently no way
  to change this).  <courtesy of Chris Abbey>

- Many changes from Brian Keener, who writes:

The Package selection window has been enhanced in this version such that when
Download From Internet is selected - files which do not exist already are
selected and displayed for download in Partial display mode.  In Full Display
mode all packages are displayed as normal and only their status is affected.
Also when installing from Local Directory only the packages which are available
on disk and need updating are displayed in the selection window during a
partial display and in the Full display only those available on disk are
displayed.  In general the Package selection window has expanded decision
criteria for displaying a package in the selection list including such things
as file existence/non-existence, selected installation method and which version
(Prev, Curr, or Test) is selected.

This new version now supports the redownload or reinstallation of the current
version simply by selecting that option from the file selection window and also
provides the option to just download/install the source for a given package
without having to redownload/reinstall the binary version of the package.

The current version now includes a progress meter during file downloads which
tracks the progress of the current downloading file as well as the total
progress within all files selected to download. There is also a meter
indicating fullness of the disk.  The setup.log.full output has  been revised
with a few format changes for improved readability.


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