Updated: vim-6.0.46-1

Corinna Vinschen vinschen@redhat.com
Fri Nov 2 09:47:00 GMT 2001

I've updated the version of VIM in cygwin/latest to 6.0.46-1.

This version is an upgrade to patchlevel 46 of vim 6.0.

6.0.001 Loading the sh.vim syntax file causes error messages.
6.0.002 Using a '@' item in 'viminfo' doesn't work. 
6.0.003 The configure check for ACLs on AIX doesn't work.
6.0.004 The find/replace dialog doesn't reuse a previous argument properly.
6.0.005 In Insert mode, "CTRL-O :ls" has a delay before redrawing.
6.0.006 With a vertical split, 'number' set and 'scrolloff' non-zero,
        making the window width very small causes a crash.
6.0.007 When setting 'filetype' while there is no FileType autocommand, a
        following ":setfiletype" would set 'filetype' again. 
6.0.008 'imdisable' is missing from the options window. 
6.0.009 Nextstep doesn't have S_ISBLK. 
6.0.010 Using "gf" on a file name starting with "./" or "../" in a buffer
        without a name causes a crash. 
6.0.011 Python: After replacing or deleting lines get an ml_get error.
6.0.012 Polish message translations had a few printf format errors
6.0.013 ":silent! cmd" sometimes still gives an error message
6.0.014 can modify buffer while 'modifiable' is off
6.0.015 get an error message for deleting b:did_ftplugin
6.0.016 bufnr(), bufname(), etc. did not find unlisted buffers
6.0.017 the "Co" termcap entry was sometimes set to the wrong value
6.0.018 initializing 'encoding' may cause a crash
6.0.019 crash when making a printable string with multi-byte chars
6.0.020 <Leader> and <LocalLeader> don't work inside a function
6.0.021 the 'cscopepathcomp' option didn't work
6.0.022 'langmap' wasn't use after a command starting with "g"
6.0.023 the lhaskell syntax file didn't load haskell.vim
6.0.024 inserting a char with CTRL-V u 9900 may cause a crash
6.0.025 using "$" after "\v" in a regexp doesn't always work
6.0.026 GTK: menu separators could be selected with the cursor keys
6.0.027 VMS: fix printing, compiling with VAXC and other things
6.0.028 compilation error with +visualextra but without +virtualedit
6.0.029 undo doesn't work correctly in specific situations
6.0.030 "source! file" doesn't work after ":argdo" or in a loop
6.0.031 define putenv() also for non-GUI for systems that lack it
6.0.032 no redraw after a fold setting was changed
6.0.033 MS-Windows: 'wildmenu' shows name with embedded space wrong
6.0.034 calling searchpair() with three arguments could crash
6.0.035 menu to toggle toolbar didn't work when 'ignorecase' is set
6.0.036 DOS/Windows/OS/2: path in 'tags' relative to drive didn't work
6.0.037 the default syntax menu was defined even when disabled
6.0.038 when 'selection' is "exclusive" the cursor can be beyond EOL
6.0.039 "c" in blockwise Visual and "gP" left cursor in wrong position
6.0.040 when 'fileencoding' is invalid, writing may remove the file
6.0.041 if LC_MESSAGES isn't defined ":lang messages en" doesn't work
6.0.042 ":mksession" can't handle a file name with a space
6.0.043 patch 6.0.041 used vim_getenv() instead of mch_getenv()
6.0.044 syntax argument "containedin" doesn't always work properly
6.0.045 creating fold with Visual mode doesn't redraw other window
6.0.046 the stack check fails when the limit doesn't fit in a long

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