Updated: vim-6.0.93-1

Corinna Vinschen vinschen@redhat.com
Fri Nov 9 01:54:00 GMT 2001

I've updated the version of VIM in cygwin/latest to 6.0.93-1.

This version is an upgrade to patchlevel 93 of vim 6.0.  It contains
all patches up to patchlevel 46 as the previous Cygwin vim 6.0.46-1
version plus the patches for the following problems.

6.0.047 using nested regexp item in \%[] can cause a crash
6.0.048 Win32 console: mouse sometimes doesn't work right
6.0.049 the intro screen is misleading when running evim
6.0.050 "viw" doesn't include multi-byte characters before the cursor
6.0.051 UTF-8: CTRL-R on the command line skips composing characters
6.0.052 requires 6.0.046: also look in sys/resource.h for rlim_t
6.0.053 extra: various fixes for QNX
6.0.054 CTRL-V in mswin.vim and Paste menu didn't paste block of text
6.0.055 GTK: copying a selection didn't work the first time
6.0.056 CTRL-O cw results in a nested Insert mode
6.0.057 ":wincmd g}" didn't work inside a function
6.0.058 after CursorHold autocommand the ruler wasn't updated
6.0.059 'hlsearch' highlighting is not visible in diff lines
6.0.060 Motif: if fontset cannot be allocated tooltip may crash Vim
6.0.061 v:this_session wasn't used correctly in menu.vim
6.0.062 ":shell" crashes when 'verbose' is > 3
6.0.063 when 'cpo' includes "$" "cw)" didn't update syntax highlight
6.0.064 extra: improve self-installing exe made with NSIS
6.0.065 ":normal" can read redo characters before its argument
6.0.066 undo for one command can be split into two pieces
6.0.067 if_xcmdsrv.c doesn't compile on AIX
6.0.068 using "gq" on a Visual area doesn't always redraw correctly
6.0.069 "K" on a word that includes a "!" gives an error message
6.0.070 Win32: failing library load didn't give a clear error message
6.0.071 the "iris-ansi" builtin termcap isn't very good
6.0.072 Visual area not redraw correctly when 'lazyredraw' is set
6.0.073 extra: CTRL-Z doesn't position cursor for DJGPP version
6.0.074 "&" in substitute string is wrong with a few multi-byte chars
6.0.075 could equalize too many windows when closing a window
6.0.076 compiler warning in version.c (depends on 6.0.049)
6.0.077 patch 6.0.075 was incomplete
6.0.078 "daw" didn't always work at the end of a line
6.0.079 still possible to overwrite a read-only file with "W" in 'cpo'
6.0.080 session with same file in two windows gives hit-enter prompt
6.0.081 buffers menu has wrong buffer number after ":saveas file"
6.0.082 shell prompt is sometimes right after a message from vimrc
6.0.083 GTK: dialog buttons are empty when compiled without menus
6.0.084 UTF-8: "r" with composing character can't be redone
6.0.085 with "s" and using 'mousefocus' Insert mode is stopped
6.0.086 "gu" gives a wrong message
6.0.087 update message translations. Don't install the Turkish
        translations for now.  They needed more work and the maintainer
        didn't have time.
6.0.088 "rx" in Visual mode could not be repeated with "."
6.0.089 "==" in a C file with a dashed list in a comment works wrong
6.0.090 a wrapping line that doesn't fit and 'so' set flashes badly
6.0.091 CTRL-O in Insert mode with 've' set moves cursor unnecessary
6.0.092 MS-Windows: explorer plugin didn't ignore case of 'suffixes'
6.0.093 TCL after patch 6.0.070: bogus message when closing window

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