Important upcoming change in Cygwin 1.3.3

Christopher Faylor
Sat Sep 1 15:05:00 GMT 2001

I've mentioned this on the cygwin mailing list but I thought it was
important enough that a special announcement was warranted.

I'm planning on releasing a new version of the Cygwin DLL next week.  It
will no longer support the //x method of referencing the x: drive.
Instead you will have to use /cygdrive/x.

Briefly, the problem with using //x to refer to drive x is that it
clashes with Windows' use of // to denote a network share.  So a system
called 'x' on your network was previously inaccessible to cygwin.

If you don't like the /cygdrive/x method, you can change /cygdrive to
anything that you want, including '/'.  The method for doing this is:

       mount -s --change-cygdrive-prefix /foo

So, "ls /foo/c" will display the contents of your C: drive.

If you do this instead:

       mount -s --change-cygdrive-prefix /

then "ls /c" will display the contents of your C: drive.

Another alternative is to mount your drives individually:

      mount -s -b c:/ /my-c-drive
      mount -s -b c:/ /my-other-d-drive

As you can see, the key here is to understand the mount command.  For
more information, check out the documentation at .

As I said, the issue of removing //x has been mentioned recently and the
usage has been deprecated for some time.  I'm sorry if this change
affects you however please don't send me personal email to complain
about it.

If you feel the need to comment about this, is the
place to do so.  You might want to read some of the past discussion
in the mailing list archives first, however.


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