Updated: cygwin-1.3.3

Christopher Faylor cygwin@cygwin.com
Wed Sep 12 09:03:00 GMT 2001

I've made a new version of the Cygwin DLL and associated utilities
available for download.

(Note: I will no longer be making releases of w32api and mingw.  Earnie
Boyd has assumed that responsibility.)

A partial list of what has changed is below.  If anyone who has
submitted changes that are not mentioned below wants to chime in, please
feel free.  Also, apologies if I didn't attribute your change to you.

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the http://cygwin.com/ web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your
system.  Then, run setup and answer all of the questions.

Note that we do not allow downloads from sources.redhat.com (aka
cygwin.com) due to bandwidth limitations.  This means that you will need
to find a mirror which has this update.

In the US, ftp://mirrors.rcn.net/mirrors/sources.redhat.com/cygwin/ is a
reliable high bandwidth connection.

In Germany,
ftp://ftp.uni-erlangen.de/pub/pc/gnuwin32/cygwin/mirrors/cygnus/ is
usually pretty good.

In the UK,
is usually up-to-date within 48 hours.

If one of the above doesn't have the latest version of this package then
you can either wait for the site to be updated or find another mirror.

The setup.exe program will figure out what needs to be updated on your
system and will install newer packages automatically.

If you have questions or comments, please send them to the Cygwin
mailing list at: cygwin@cygwin.com .  I would appreciate if you would
use this mailing list rather than emailing me directly.  This includes
ideas and comments about the setup utility or Cygwin in general.

If you want to make a point or ask a question, the Cygwin mailing list
is the appropriate place.


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Christopher Faylor
Cygwin Engineering Manager (and Developer)
Red Hat, Inc.

*** Known bugs:

- There is a very sporadic core-dumping situation that seems to be
  best triggered by recursive makes.  We have not been able to track
  down the cause of this problem after more than two weeks of trying.  So,
  since it has been proven to be very rare, I'm releasing 1.3.3 with this
  known problem.  If you can provide any insight on why this is happening
  please send email with lots and lots of details to cygwin@cygwin.com.
  "Hey!  It dies for me too!" emails will not be helpful unless you provide
  either an exhaustive amount of detail (stack trace, easily reproducible
  test case, patch).  (Christopher Faylor)

*** User level change overview:

- "ssh -f localhost 'sleep 10'" should no longer hang.  (Corinna Vinschen)

- "rsh localhost ls" should no longer hang.
  (Corinna Vinschen, Christopher Faylor)

- rsync hang should be fixed.  (Corinna Vinschen)

- "rmdir nonexistentfile" should correctly report that file does not
  exist. (Christopher Faylor)

- Removed deprecated //x method for accessing drives.  It does not work.
  It is kaput.  It is dead, Jim.  It is a dead parrot.
  (Christopher Faylor, after years of discussion)

- Problems dealing with non-cygwin .lnk problems should be fixed.
  (Corinna Vinschen)

- chroot should work better. (Christopher Faylor)

- AltGr should work better. (Marius Gedminas)

- The file permissions set on NTFS using `ntsec' should reflect
  the POSIX permissions better. (Corinna Vinschen)

- Setting timestamps on `cp -p' should work now.  (Corinna Vinschen)

- "Connection reset by peer" message should only appear if peer
  actually has reset connection.  (Corinna Vinschen)

- Daemons don't need to be restarted when /etc/passwd or /etc/group
  has been changed.  (Corinna Vinschen)

- Lynx doesn't bail out with a `Alert!: Unable to connect to remote host'
  anymore.  (Corinna Vinschen)

- dumper.exe now comes with cygwin releases by default.  With dumper.exe
  you can actually have cygwin produce linux-style core dumps.  To use,

       set CYGWIN=error_start=c:/cygwin/bin/dumper.exe

  Then if your cygwin application enters into a state where a core dump
  would be produced under linux (e.g., SIGSEGV, SIGBUS, etc.) dumper.exe
  will be called to produce the core file.  You can then use gdb to
  inspect the result.  (dumper contributed by Egor Duda)

- mount error messages are now correct when given too few arguments.
  (Gerrit P. Haase)

- 'mount --mount-commands' outputs a series of commadns suitable for
  recreating the current mount environment. (Michael A Chase)

- '-w' option works with --sysdir and --windir. (Joerg Schaible)

- Fix regtool to handle keys with only one subkey. (Chris Genly)

More "low level" change overview:

- Functional vfork. (Christopher Faylor)

- Fix audio problems after an exec. (Christopher Faylor)

- //x method for accessing drives has been removed.  (Christopher Faylor)

- Windows .lnk files are no longer considered Cygwin symlinks.
  (Corinna Vinschen)

- Correctly handle renaming from foo to bar if bar.lnk when bar is an
  existing shortcut.  (Corinna Vinschen)

- chroot fixes.  (Christopher Faylor)

- Make sure that a signal handler is called correctly when a sleep()
  call is interrupted.  (Christopher Faylor)

- Don't call FreeLibrary when given a handle to the current module.
  (Robert Collins)

- Store symlink contents in extended attribute for speed, if possible.
  (Egor Duda)

- pthread fixes and cleanups.  (Robert Collins)

- Add fchdir() function.  (Corinna Vinschen)

- Accomodate special UNIX-style handling of zombie processes
  when SIGCHLD is ignored.  (Christopher Faylor)

- Allow better handling of code pages via set CYGWNIN=codepage:[ansi|oem].
  (Egor Duda)

- Try harder to delete files that are protected or are open by another
  process.  (Christopher Faylor)

- Increase security of unix domain sockets.  (Egor Duda)

- Detect AltGr more robustly on Windows NT.  (Marius Gedminas)

- Properly return 0 as a result of dsp ioctl calls.  (Christopher Faylor)

- Allow spawn NOWAIT and vfork to work on non-cygwin processes without blocking
  while waiting for them to exit.  (Christopher Faylor)

- Detach console from a process after a setsid() if all handles to the console
  are closed.  (Kazuhiro Fujieda)

- Export __signgam.  (Charles Wilson)

- Export sys_errlist and sys_nerr.  (Christopher Faylor)

- Correctly deal with non-blocking I/O with older programs that had been
  compiled with incorrect values for O_NONBLOCK.  (Corinna Vinschen)

- Return at least 256 as the maximum number of possible file desriptors.
  (Corinna Vinschen)

- Wrap winsock functions which return static buffers so that info they
  return will be correctly copied after a fork().  (Corinna Vinschen)

- Fix bug where dup2 did not extend the fd table size when the second argument
  was greater than the current fd table size.  (Christopher Faylor)

- Report "file not found" when rmdir'ing a non-existent file rather than
  "not a directory".  (Christopher Faylor)

- Return immediately when select()ing /dev/null for read or write.
  (Christopher Faylor)

- Detect when shutdown() call has been invoked on a socket and cause
  select() to return immediately since Winsock's version of select
  appears to get this wrong. (Christopher Faylor)

- Make getrlimit(RLIMIT_STACK) return actually valid values. (Corinna Vinschen)

- Change ntsec handling so that the correct permissions are already
  set in the Win32 call creating the file/directory. (Corinna Vinschen)

- utimes() now uses the correct attribute when opening the file on NT/W2K/XP.
  (Corinna Vinschen)

- Correctly deal with nonblocking sockets. (Corinna Vinschen)

- Closing sockets now forces a big linger timeout to simulate a sort
  of synchronous close(). (Corinna Vinschen)

- Use more POSIX like permissions on `ntsec'. Especially handle DELETE
  and FILE_DELETE_CHILD attributes to reflect POSIX permissions better.
  (Corinna Vinschen)

- Detect changes to /etc/passwd and /etc/group on next getpwXXX() and
  getgrXXX() function. (Corinna Vinschen)

- Preserve errno on time related function calls. (Corinna Vinschen)

- Fix handling of user context changes under several border conditions.
  (Corinna Vinschen)

- Fix mmap/msync on 9x/ME by using (hopefully) unified names for the
  mapping objects on these systems. (Corinna Vinschen)

- getopt.h is now automatically included with unistd.h to fulfil
  SUSv2 requirements. (Corinna Vinschen)

- The crappy Winsock 1.1 error WSAEINVAL when calling connect() on
  an already connected non-blocking socket is now mapped to
  WSAEISCONN which results in the expected error code EISCONN on
  API level.  WSAEALREADY is mapped to WSAEINPROGRESS.  (Corinna Vinschen)

- Don't hang when calling poll with invalid file descriptors.
  (Jason Tishler)

- Export *gamma*_r functions.  (Mumit Khan, with an assist
  from Gerrit P. Haase)

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