Updated: rxvt-2.7.2-8

Steve O bub@hagbard.io.com
Tue Dec 31 07:35:00 GMT 2002

rxvt-2.7.2-8 has been uploaded to the Cygwin net distribution.
rxvt is a lightweight xterm that can display to either X or 
native Windows. 

- Corrected backspace handling.  
  This may cause some unexpected behavior if you have something like 
     stty erase ^H 
  in your profile.  Either removing the stty line or changing it to 
     stty erase ^?
  may fix the behavior.

- Bug in erasing fixed.
  Previous versions erased too much, causing visual artifacts.

- Built with transparency enabled.
  This is bare bones support.  If you have Win2K with a tiled BMP
  background  (i.e. no active desktop), rxvt -ip may work.

Thanks to Christian LESTRADE for identifying and providing a patch 
for the backspace and erasing bugs. 
-steve o

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