Updated: rsync-2.5.2-1

Lapo Luchini lapo@lapo.it
Tue Dec 31 07:35:00 GMT 2002

I have uploaded version 2.5.2-1 of the open source utility that
provides fast incremental file transfer.

ChangeLog as on http://rsync.samba.org :

rsync 2.5.2 (26 Jan 2002)
    * Signedness security patch from Sebastian Krahmer
      -- in some cases we were not sufficiently
      careful about reading integers from the network.
    * Fix possible string mangling in log files.
    * Fix for setting local address of outgoing sockets.
    * Better handling of hardlinks and devices on platforms with
      64-bit dev_t or ino_t.
    * Name resolution on machines supporting IPv6 is improved.
    * Fix for device nodes.  (dann frazier)   (Debian #129135)
    * With -v, rsync now shows the command used to initiate an ssh/rsh
    * --statistics now shows memory heap usage on platforms that
        support mallinfo().
    * "The Ted T'so school of program optimization": make progress
      visible and people will think it's faster.  (With --progress,
      rsync will show you how many files it has seen as it builds the
      file_list, giving some indication that it has not hung.)
    * Improvements to batch mode support.  This is still experimental
      but testing would be welcome.   (Jos Backus)
    * New --ignore-existing option, patch previously distributed with
      Vipul's Razor.  (Debian #124286)

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