Updated: ghostscript-7.05-2

Dario Alcocer alcocer@helixdigital.com
Tue Nov 12 05:20:00 GMT 2002

The Ghostscript package has been updated to 7.05-2.  This release
now links /usr/lib/binmode.o to fix the text-mode mount bug reported
by Sven Kohler.

The Cygwin version of GNU Ghostscript supports both a native Win32
version and a X11 version for Cygwin XFree86.  A single source
package is used to build both versions.  Three separate packages
are used:

  * A base package, ghostscript-base, which contains the support
    files necessary for both the native and X11 versions, as well
    as the manual pages and documentation.

  * A native package, ghostscript, which contains the native version
    of Ghostscript (gs.exe), along with the corresponding scripts.

  * An X11 package, ghostscript-x11, which contains the X11 version
    of Ghostscript (gs.exe) and scripts.

Both binary versions use the libpng and zlib shared libraries.

Thanks to Pavel Tsekov for reviewing the packages.

Dario Alcocer -- Cygwin Ghostscript Maintainer
alcocer@helixdigital.com -- http://www.helixdigital.com

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