Updated: zsh-4.0.6-1

Peter A. Castro doctor@fruitbat.org
Fri Nov 29 17:11:00 GMT 2002

I've updated the version of zsh to 4.0.6-1.

This version has many, many fixes from the Zsh team (about 640 lines in
the ChangeLog. I've included just the 4.0.4-4.0.6 changes as an attachment).

Some additions for Cygwin:
- Added a default /etc/zprofile.  If you already have a custom
  /etc/zprofile, please save yours some place before installing.
- New command, mkzsh, to create a default /zsh.bat file and create Desktop
  and Program Menu items.  Sorry, no man page (yet), but mkzsh --help works :)
- Added some command completions for some of the Cygwin commands:
  cygcheck     getfacl      passwd
  cygpath      mkgroup      ps_cygwin
  dumper       mkpasswd     setfacl
  These are very basic and hopefully will be improved upon later.

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the http://cygwin.com/ web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your
system.  Once you've downloaded setup.exe, run it and select "Net" and  
then click on the appropriate field until the above announced version
number appears if it is not displayed already.

If you have questions or comments, please send them to the Cygwin
mailing list at: cygwin@cygwin.com .  I would appreciate it if you would
use this mailing list rather than emailing me directly.  This includes
ideas and comments about the setup utility or Cygwin in general.

If you want to make a point or ask a question, the Cygwin mailing list
is the appropriate place.


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Peter A. Castro <doctor@fruitbat.org> or <Peter.Castro@oracle.com>
	"Cats are just autistic Dogs" -- Dr. Tony Attwood
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2002-08-14  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* unposted: Config/version.mk: version 4.0.6.

	* 17542 (Thomas Stromberg <thomas@stromberg.org>):
	Completion/Unix/Command/_mount: most systems don't have /etc/mnt.

2002-08-12  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* 17482 (Karl Tomlinson): Src/Modules/termcap.c,
	Src/Modules/terminfo.c: resolve confusion over use of get/set
	functions for special parameters.

2002-08-10  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

	* 17206 (Bruno Bonfils), 17207 (Oliver):
	Completion/Debian/Command/_auto-apt: completion for
	auto-apt, with a couple of _values tweaks.

2002-08-09  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* unposted: Completion/Debian/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles, Config/version.mk,
	Etc/.distfiles, Functions/Zle/.distfiles, Src/.distfiles:
	version 4.0.5.

2002-08-08  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* 17517: Src/jobs.c: Another memory leak was showing up with the
	pwd field of the job structure, this attempts to rationalise it. 

	* 17516: Src/Modules/zutil.c: Memory leak with compiled patterns
	for zstyle shown up by Felix's valgrind test.

2002-08-07  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

	* 17509 &a., Completion/Unix/Command/_lynx: merge various changes from
	4.1 branch.

2002-08-06  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

	* 17508: Completion/Unix/Type/_urls: complete local files after
	file://localhost/ .

	* 17507: Completion/Unix/Type/_urls: complete local files after
	file:/// .

2002-08-05  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* 17503: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo, Doc/Zsh/expn.yo,
	Doc/Zsh/params.yo: fix various typos, spelling mistakes and poor
	wordings in docs

	* Akinori Musha: 17499: Completion/BSD/Command/_bsd_pkg: BSD pkg_*
	tools now support bzip2'd packages

2002-08-01  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* 17497: Src/builtin.c: getopts skipped over zero-length arguments.

2002-07-25  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* 17481: Etc/MACHINES: from Karl Tomlinson
	<k.tomlinson@auckland.ac.nz>: the SGI compiler needs to be told
	to turn off variable length arrays.

2002-07-24  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

	* 17479: Doc/Zsh/arith.yo: fix typo noticed by Martin Pool.

        * 17478: Completion/Debian/Command/_bts: new tags for sarge.

2002-07-22  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 17476: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles, 
        Completion/Unix/Command/_global_tags: Matt Zimmerman's
        completion for GNU GLOBAL.

        * Akira, 17459: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs: exclude files which have
        RCS kflags for cvs add.

2002-07-01  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

	* 17391: Completion/Debian/Command/_dpkg: complete files after
	dpkg -S.

2002-06-26  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@zsh.org>

	* 17357: Src/mkbltnmlst.sh: predefine autoloads for zsh emulation
	mode only, not sh/ksh/etc. modes.

2002-06-22  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@zsh.org>

	* users/5073: Completion/compdump: use `typeset +f' instead of
	`whence -w' to get names of completion functions.

2002-06-14  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* 17318: Src/hist.c: ${(z)...} appended an extra space when the
	lexical analyser failed.

2002-06-04  Peter Stephenson  <pws@pwstephenson.fsnet.co.uk>

	* 17283: Src/parse.c: `func() { ... } this bit was ignored'.

2002-06-05  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* 17285: David Wolfe <dwolfe@gforcetech.com>:
	Src/Builtins/rlimits.c: finally fix 16145 to eliminate duplicate
	case statement also in ulimit.

2002-06-02  Peter Stephenson  <pws@pwstephenson.fsnet.co.uk>

	* 17273: Src/parse.c: `outer() { inner(); }' succeded; when outer
	ran it created a bogus `inner' which crashed the shell.  Make
	original command issue error.

2002-05-31  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * unposted: zshconfig.ac: get rid of evil -Wno-implicit
        in CFLAGS.

	* Sven: 16426: Completion/Unix/Command/_man,
        Completion/Zsh/Command/_zstyle, Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: allow
        manual pages to be shown separated by section with new
        separate-sections style

	* 17266: Completion/Unix/Command/_man: check `manpath`
        even when $MANPATH is set.

        * Bart: users/4157 (plus workers/15674):
	Completion/Unix/Command/_man: Better handling of section

2002-05-28  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 17244: Completion/Debian/Command/_dpkg:
        don't complete udebs for --unpack or -i.

        * Oliver: 16803: Completion/Debian/Command/_make-kpkg,
        Completion/Debian/Command/_dpkg: option descriptions

2002-05-26  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 17234: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs:
	don't call _path_files with empty ().

2002-05-25  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 17225: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs:
        change $CVSIGNORE to $=CVSIGNORE.

2002-05-23  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * Matt Zimmerman: 17211: Completion/Unix/Command/_cvs:
        respect $CVSIGNORE.

2002-05-12 Andrej Borsenkow  <bor@zsh.org>

	* unposted: Completion/Redhat/Command/_service: fix context
	name for tag-order style. For now comment it out because it
	does not work

2002-05-10  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* users/4951: Doc/Zsh/builtins.yo: make it clearer that ulimit
	defaults to soft limits.

2002-05-08  Andrej Borsenkow  <bor@zsh.org>

        * 17080: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: clarify tag-order style usage

        * 17076: Completion/Redhat/Command/.distfiles,
        Completion/Redhat/Command/_service, Completion/Unix/Command/_chkconfig,
        Completion/Unix/Command/_init_d, Completion/Unix/Type/.distfiles,
        Completion/Unix/Type/_services: use new helper _services to complete
        init/xinetd services; make chkconfig use it; completion of
        service command

        * 17075: Completion/Mandrake/Command/_urpmi: _urpmi
        completion update

        * 17074: Completion/Linux/Command/.distfiles,
        Completion/Linux/Command/_mondo, Src/Zle/complete.mdd:
        mondoarchive completion (with typo correction from Bart)

2002-05-03  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* 17072; based on 17066 (Danek Duvall):
	Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: correct handling of pushdminus
	in completion after directory stack references

2002-04-30  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 16349: Completion/Debian/Command/.distfiles,
        Completion/Debian/Command/_make-kpkg: completion for

        * 17057: Completion/Debian/Command/.distfiles,
        Completion/Debian/Command/_debfoster: completion for

2002-04-29  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 17055: zshconfig.ac: shared object linkage on the Hurd.

2002-04-28  Wayne Davison  <wayned@users.sourceforge.net>

	* 16927: zsh/Functions/Misc/zmv: Added -W to auto-convert wildcards in
	both the find and replace strings.  Fixed the usage message to output
	the '$' args and '\' characters (they were getting eaten).

2002-04-28  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* 15720: Functions/Misc/zmv: use ${(e)...} as suggested by
	Bart; fix problem with option arguments with special characters;
	more consistency with shifting arguments; fix verbose mode
	output with backslashes.

2002-04-28  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * unposted: Completion/Unix/Command/_spamassassin:
        add missing bracket.

2002-04-27  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@zsh.org>

	* unposted: StartupFiles/zshenv, StartupFiles/zlogin: remove
	references to "zsh 2.7", change "Generic" to "Example".

2002-04-25  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* 17046: Src/math.c: OCTAL_ZEROES with a `0' on its own was
	swallowing up too many characters.

2002-04-25  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 17045: Completion/Unix/Command/_w3m: complete all files, not
        just *.html.

2002-04-25  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* users/4865: Completion/compinit: need to add NO_octalzeroes to

	* 17041: Src/Modules/zftp.c: Typos creating a data connection
	for zftp using IPv6.

2002-04-25  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@zsh.org>

	* 17035: Src/Modules/zutil.c: remove one half of 17029; the
	part for zstyle wasn't right

2002-04-24  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@zsh.org>

	* 17029: Src/Modules/zutil.c, Src/Zle/complete.c: fix a
	memory leak (found by Felix): pre-compiled patterns when
	re-defining styles

2002-04-17  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* Alexandre Duret-Lutz: 16930: Src/cond.c, Test/C02cond.ztst:
	Careful with long filenames in internal condition test; fix block
	file test for `-f'.

2002-04-17  Wayne Davison  <wayned@users.sourceforge.net>

	* unposted: Src/params.c: HISTSIZE can now get set to 1 line
	instead of bottoming-out at 2.

	* users/4678: Src/hist.c: When rewriting the history file, make
	sure that we didn't get an error on the read.

	* 16890: Src/hist.c, Src/params.c: Fixed a history-file-truncation
	problem by making SAVEHIST a special param.

	* 16703-B: Src/builtin.c: Made the "history" builtin's parameter-
	checking work better (so we complain less often).

2002-04-17  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@zsh.org>

	* 16998: Src/Zle/computil.c: make compvalues unquote the string
	from the line like comparguments does

2002-04-16  Sven Wischnowsky  <wischnow@zsh.org>

	* users/4836: Completion/Unix/Type/_path_files: make
	_path_files use match specs from the matcher style when calling

	* 16991: Completion/Base/Utility/_values: make _values not use

	* 16990: Src/Zle/zle_tricky.c: treat backslashed bangs in
	double quotes specially in get_comp_string(), they are more
	like $s there

2002-04-12  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 16973: Completion/Debian/Command/_apt: complete package name
        argument to apt-cache policy.

        * 16972: Completion/Unix/Type/_hosts: complete for aaaa, zone, mx,
	soa, txt.

2002-04-09  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* 16942: Src/glob.c:  Allow zero-length matches in parameter

2002-04-04  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* 16935: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: update list of options
	completed and add sftp completion

2002-04-04  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 16934: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: complete -1 as well as -2.

2002-03-27  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* John Beppu: 16866 (tweaked): Completion/Unix/Command/_figlet:
	new completion for figlet

	* 16908: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: alter _generic example to be more robust

2002-03-25  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* Clint: 15079: Completion/Unix/Command/_last: completion for last

	* 16804: Completion/Unix/Command/_sccs,
	Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles: completion for sccs

	* 16864: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh: fix remote file completion
	with relative paths

2002-03-17  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@zsh.org>

	* 16820: Test/E01options.ztst: change tests to match 16759.

	* 16556: Src/builtin.c: Error messages added in 16504,16505 should
	not change the behavior of >&- redirections.

	* Felix Rosencrantz: 16546: Completion/Unix/Command/_perl:
	complete the arguments to a perl script with _normal.

2002-03-17  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 16850: Completion/Unix/Command/_rsync: remote file completion via
	rsync and ssh, plus all options valid in rsync 2.5.2.

        * 16846: Completion/X/Command/_xdvi: complete .dvi.gz and .dvi.bz2

2002-03-10  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * unposted: Etc/BUGS, Etc/TODO: update relevant

2002-03-07  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 16778: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
        Completion/Unix/Command/_irssi: completion by Istvan
        Sebestyen for irssi.

2002-03-04  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* 16759: Src/builtin.c: from Eric Norum <eric.norum@usask.ca>:
	cd prints output whenever the target directory is not obvious
	to the user.  This confuses scripts, so restrict it to
	interactive mode.

2002-02-19  Geoff Wing  <gcw@zsh.org>

	* 16635: Src/Zle/zle_refresh.c: make sure we display lists in
	singlelinezle mode

2002-02-18  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

	* 16662: Completion/Unix/Command/_cdcd: use parameter expansion
	instead of grep, sed, and seq.

	* Gergely Nagy, 16644: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_cdcd: completion for cdcd.

2002-02-10  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * Sven: 16408: Src/Zle/compcore.c: make sure auto menu
	isn't started accidentially when bashautolist is set

2002-02-09  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

	* unposted: Functions/Prompts/prompt_clint_setup: improve APM and
	screen handling.

2002-02-08  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

	* 16566, 16568, Oliver: 16461: Completion/Unix/Command/_ssh:
	improvements for scp completion.

	* Matt Zimmerman: 16590: Completion/Unix/Type/_dict_words:
	use a prefix match instead of a "fuzzy-exact" match.

2002-02-07  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * unposted: Functions/Prompts/.distfiles,
        Functions/Prompts/prompt_walters_setup: Colin Walters's
        prompt, adapted for the theme system.

2002-02-03  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 16514: Completion/Unix/Command/_init_d: do not attempt
        to read file if it doesn't exist, match pipe-separated lists
        and characters following the parenthesis, and don't wantonly
        remove hyphens from completions.

        * Sven: 16507: Completion/Zsh/Type/_command_names: slight
	improvement for 16500 to allow completion after ./<TAB> in
	all cases

        * 16500: Completion/Zsh/Type/_command_names:
        don't complete executable files in the current directory
        if "." is not in path.

	* 16540: Completion/Unix/Command/_rsync: include short options and
	local files.

2002-02-01  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* Akinori Musha: 16534: Completion/BSD/Command/_bsd_pkg:
	a few bug fixes and some wording fixes

2002-01-31  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* Derek Peschel: 16493: Src/params.c: correct typos

2002-01-27  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

	* 16504, 16505: Src/builtin.c: warn on fclose or fflush
	errors in bin_print.

2002-01-27  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@zsh.org>

	* 16400, 16401: Src/subst.c: preserve empty words that result from
	brace expansion.

	* 16215: Src/subst.c: save and restore mult_isarr in singsub().

	* 16201: Src/params.c, Src/utils.c, Src/zsh.h: introduce the
	PM_NAMEDDIR flag to mark parameters for which a value change
	should be reflected in the named directory table.

2002-01-23  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@zsh.org>

	* 16435: Src/builtin.c: Fix core dump in `hash'.

	* 16419: Doc/Zsh/compsys.yo: Document some _arguments options
	in the syntax summary line.

2001-01-16  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

	* Matt Zimmerman: 16463: Completion/Debian/Command/_apt:
	completion for apt-cache showsrc.

2002-01-14  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* 16449: Completion/Unix/Command/_chkconfig: new completion for
	both the IRIX and RedHat chkconfig commands

2002-01-14  Andrej Borsenkow  <bor@zsh.org>

        * 16443: Completion/Mandrake/Command/_urpmi: fix
        urpmi.addmedia --distrib. Set cache policy on just the first call.

2002-01-13  Andrej Borsenkow  <bor@zsh.org>

	* 16437: Completion/Mandrake/Command/_urpmi: adapt
	to new urpmi version in cooker

2002-01-03  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* 16396: Completion/Unix/Command/_chown: fix argument handling bugs

2002-01-02  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* users/4561: Completion/Unix/Command/_zip: fix bug with finding
	the zipfile's name in the current command-line.

	* 16384: Completion/X/Type/.distfiles, Completion/X/Type/_x_visual,
	Completion/X/Command/.distfiles, Completion/X/Command/_xloadimage,
	Completion/X/Command/_netscape, Completion/X/Command/_x_utils,
	Completion/X/Command/_xfig, Completion/X/Command/_xv:
	new completion for xli/xloadimage and factor out completion
	of X visuals

2001-12-26  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 16375: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
        Completion/Unix/Command/_fsh: command completion for fsh.

2001-12-21  Geoff Wing  <gcw@zsh.org>

	* 16332: zshconfig.ac, Config/defs.mk.in, Src/Makefile.in,
	Src/Makemod.in.in, Src/ansi2knr.c: remove ansi2knr.c from our
	repository due to licence differences.  Adjust the build process
	accordingly.  configure will now abort if the user requests ansi2knr
	but no ansi2knr is available

2001-12-19  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* 16366: Completion/X/Command/_vnc, Completion/Unix/Command/_java,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_samba: add missing description
	argument in _values calls

	* 16366 (modified for 4.0): Completion/Unix/Type/_net_interfaces,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_ifconfig, Completion/Unix/Type/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles: new ifconfig completion

2001-12-18  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* 16364: Src/params.c: further to 16351, except specials
	from having their value set to null

2001-12-17  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* 16351: Src/params.c: fix bug in parameter unset code

2001-12-14  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 16336: Completion/Debian/Type/_deb_packages:
        use apt-cache --generate pkgnames instead of
        apt-cache dumpavail.

        * 16335: Completion/Debian/Command/_apt:
        add -g, --all-names, --recurse, pkgnames, dotty, policy
        completions for apt-cache.

2001-12-11  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

	* 16327: Completion/Debian/Command/_dpkg: glob for udebs
	as well as debs.

        * 16326: Completion/Unix/Command/_webbrowser,
        Completion/X/Command/.distfiles, Completion/X/Command/_mozilla:
        completion for mozilla, some more web browsers in _webbrowser.

2001-12-11  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* 16322: Completion/Unix/Command/_mtools,
	Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles: new mtools completion

2001-12-09  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 16315: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
        Completion/Unix/Command/_spamassassin: completion for

2001-12-06  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* users/4519: Completion/Unix/Command/_zip: complete files
	in all argument positions for zip (bug fix)

2001-11-29  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 16293: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
	Completion/Unix/Command/_arping: completion for arping.

        * 16292: Completion/Unix/Command/.distfiles,
        Completion/Unix/Command/_rsync: completion for rsync.

2001-11-26  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * Gergely Nagy: 16291: Completion/Debian/Command/_dupload:
        check ~/.dupload.conf, tweak sed expression to handle hooks.

2001-11-21  Bart Schaefer  <schaefer@zsh.org>

	* 16269: Src/Zle/compctl.c: Use allocated strings when adding
	matches for hash table entries, as the pattern match code may
	attempt to modify them.  (Fixes crash reported in 16235.)
	* Sven: 16249: Src/parse.c: Clear pending here-documents upon a
	parse error.

2001-11-18  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

        * 16264: Completion/Debian/Command/_dput:
        Use parameter expansion instead of grep and sed.

2001-11-16  Chmouel Boudjnah  <chmouel@mandrakesoft.com>

        * 16258: Completion/Mandrake/Command/_urpmi:
        Fix typo in _urpmi for urpmi.addmedia.

2001-11-15  Clint Adams  <clint@zsh.org>

	* unposted: Functions/Prompts/prompt_clint_setup:
	typo that I didn't notice for four months.

        * 16257: Completion/Debian/Command/.distfiles,
        Completion/Debian/Command/_dput: completion for
        dput as contributed by Tollef Fog Heen <tollef@add.no>.

2001-11-15  Chmouel Boudjnah  <chmouel@mandrakesoft.com>

        * 16253: Src/Zle/complete.mdd: Add Mandrake completion directory to

2001-11-15  Peter Stephenson  <pws@csr.com>

	* 15288, 15432, 15585: Doc/Zsh/contrib.yo,
	Functions/Zle/bash-forward-word, Functions/Zle/bash-bacward-word,
	Zle widgets with bash-style word delimiting.

2001-11-14  Andrej Borsenkow  <bor@zsh.org>
        * 16247: Completion/Mandrake/Command/_urpmi: completion
        for Mandrake urpmi command suit.

2001-11-06  Oliver Kiddle  <opk@zsh.org>

	* unposted: Functions/Misc/mere: fix for IRIX

2001-10-26  Wayne Davison  <wayned@users.sourceforge.net>

	* 16184: Src/hist.c: Improved readhistline() to reject binary data

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