Updated Pine-4.44-3

Eduardo Chappa chappa@math.washington.edu
Wed Oct 16 16:01:00 GMT 2002


  I have updated the version of Pine to 4.44-3. This version tries to fix
problems detected with Pine when using the cygwin terminal. I am *VERY*
interested in knowing any problems that are found when running Pine in
different terminals, so PLEASE report them to the cygwin mailing list. In
that way I can work on them before version 4.50 be released (coming soon,
but don't know when). This will be the last release of the 4.44-X series.

  The problems fixed are the following:

  - The cygwin terminal has a bug that does not allow Pine to use a
scroll region, although the cygwin terminal advertises such capability. As
far as I understand a fix will come in future versions of Cygwin, but for
now we change the method that we use to write in the screen in order to
avoid this bug.

  - The cygwin terminal scrolls automatically when a character is written
in the lower right corner, which makes the screen look messy when Pine
uses colors (this does not happen in the "black and white" screen). A
workaround within Pine was found for this too.

  More information relevant to this release can be found in the file

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