Updated: automake-devel-1.7.3-1

Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Mon Mar 10 07:18:00 GMT 2003

Version 1.7.3-1 of the automake-devel package is now available.  It 
contains GNU automake-1.7.3 installed into /usr/autotool/devel.

Changes from 1.7.2-1:
o updated to official 1.7.3 release
o requires autoconf-2.54 or newer
o no testsuite regressions (that is, any test that existed in 1.7.2
   and was passed then, is still passed now in 1.7.2)
o Continued test failures (failed in both 1.7.2 and 1.7.3)
o Removed the cruft from the experiment in 1.7.2 concerning libtool and 
rebuilding exe's over and over.  That problem was solved in another way, 
one which did not involve hacking up automake.  So, the hacks can go 
away now.

Summary: 1 failures + 6 skips out of 446 tests.
See NOTES section, below.

Chuck Wilson

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Bugs fixed in 1.7.3:
* Fix stamp files numbering (when using multiple AC_CONFIG_HEADERS).
* Query distutils for `pythondir' and `pythonexecdir', instead of
   using an hardcoded path.  This should allow builds on 64-bit
   distributions that usually use lib64/ instead of lib/.
* AM_PATH_PYTHON will also search for python2.3.
* elisp files are now built all at once instead of one by one. Besides
   incurring a speed-up, this is required to support interdependent elisp
* Support for DJGPP:
   - `make distcheck' will now work in `_inst/' and `_build' instead
     of `=inst/' and `=build/'
   - use `_dirstamp' when the file-system doesn't support `.dirstamp'
   - install/uninstall `*.i[0-9][0-9]'-style info files
   - more changes that affect only the Automake package (not its output)
* Fix some incompatibilities with upcoming perl-5.10.
* Properly quote AC_PACKAGE_TARNAME and AC_PACKAGE_VERSION when defining
* depcomp fixes:
   - dashmstdout and dashXmstdout modes: don't use `-o /dev/null', this
     is troublesome with gcc and Solaris compilers. (PR/385)
   - makedepend mode: work with Libtool. (PR/385 too)
   - support for ICC.
* better support for unusual gettext setups, such as multiple po/
   directories (PR/381):
   - Flag missing po/ and intl/ directories as warnings, not errors.
   - Disable these warnings if po/ does not exist.
* Noteworthy manual updates:
   - New FAQ chapter.
   - Document how AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR interacts with missing files.
     (Debian Bug #39542)
   - Document `AM_YFLAGS = -d'.  (PR/382)


Test failures:

   This is due to the 'cp -p' bug in fileutils. Check the cygwin mailing 
list archives for May 2002 for more info.

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