Updated: lftp-2.6.8-3

Mark Blackburn marklist@fangorn.ca
Thu Nov 13 14:12:00 GMT 2003

I've updated lftp to latest upstream version 2.6.8.

I've also fixed a buggy postinstall script that was causing setup to 
lock up.

lftp is an ftp client that supports many protocols: ftp, ftps, http,
https, hftp, fish and file. lftp also has readline support (ie
tab-completion and history like bash and ncftp). Using lftp with the
fish protocol makes it a convenient substitute for sftp.

Here's a list of changes since 2.6.6 (from the lftp homepage):

#  Version 2.6.8 - 2003-10-10

Some bugs fixed, some new features added.

     * better multibyte character support.
     * experimental ftp protocol command PRET added; new setting
     * unblock SIGCLD signal when running external programs.
     * fixed included readline compilation.
     * fixed compilation with socks.

# Version 2.6.7 - 2003-08-29

Some bugs fixed, some new features added.

     * new settings ftp:use-size, ftp:use-mdtm, ftp:use-telnet-iac.
     * optimized writing to local disk by increasing write size.
     * fixed size catching from 150 ftp server reply.
     * correct exit code of commands help, lftp (reported by trancefx).
     * hftp improvements from Johannes Zellner: CSM proxy support;
       colored listings; do not print hour:minute if not known.
     * translations updated.
     * fixed a bug with saving last working directory for a site.
     * fixed a bug with FXP of zero sized files.
     * fixed a bug happening when a 5xx reply is received after QUIT is
     * readline updated to version 4.3.

Mark Blackburn, lftp maintainer.

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