Updated: keychain-2.0.3-1

Hack Kampbjorn cygwin@hack.kampbjorn.com
Sun Nov 23 17:46:00 GMT 2003

******************** WARNING: ***************************************
As of version 2.0 Keychain now stores keychain files in the ~/.keychain/
directory for tidiness. New filenames too: ~/.keychain/${HOSTNAME}-sh
and ~/.keychain/${HOSTNAME}-csh

The shell profile file (e.g. ~/.bash_profile for bash) has to be
updated to reflect this change:
     keychain ~/.ssh/id_rsa
     . ~/.keychain/${HOSTNAME}-sh

******************** WARNING: ***************************************

Keychain is an OpenSSH key manager, typically run from
~/.bash_profile. When run, it will make sure ssh-agent is running; if
not, it will start ssh-agent. It will redirect ssh-agent's output to
~/.ssh-agent, so that cron jobs that need to use ssh-agent keys can
simply source this file and make the necessary passwordless ssh
connections. In addition, when keychain runs, it will check with
ssh-agent and make sure that the ssh RSA/DSA keys that you specified on
the keychain command line have actually been added to ssh-agent. If not,
you are prompted for the appropriate passphrases so that they can be
added by keychain.

- Update to keychain 2.0.3
- keychain.cygwin is no more install normal keychain

Keychain 2.0.3 contains some fixes for color issues and a grep -i option for

Keychain 2.0.2 contains a fix for the handling of ssh-askpass; SSH_ASKPASS now
needs to be set to enable askpass functionality.

Keychain 2.0.1 contains Solaris, Tru64 and MacOS X fixes, "--help" fixes, and
compatibility with x11-ssh-askpass.

Keychain 2.0 contains HP-UX and Cygwin fixes (Cygwin support is now inside the
main keychain script), and now stores keychain files in the ~/.keychain/
directory for tidiness. New filenames too: ~/.keychain/sh-${HOSTNAME} and
~/.keychain/csh-${HOSTNAME}. Keychain 2.0 also contains a bunch of additional
fixes and performance improvements, and the --local option has been
depreciated. Added the --dir option so that you can specify an alternate
location for keychain to look for the .keychain directory: "keychain --dir
/var/foo /path/to/my/key" will cause keychain to look for /var/foo/.keychain.

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