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Daniel Reed n@ml.org
Sat Oct 11 21:39:00 GMT 2003

naim is now available through the Cygwin Net Release.

This is primarily a maintenance release, with proven features from the
0.12.0 experimental tree backported to the stable tree. However, a number of
new features/behavior changes managed to creep in (such as /status and the
HTML renderer changes).

naim is a console client for AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Internet Relay
Chat, and The lily CMC. Development work is done on Linux, but naim should
work on any system with an ANSI C compiler, BSD sockets, and ncurses. This
includes operating systems such as BeOS, FreeBSD, Mac OS 10, NetBSD, and
Microsoft Windows using Cygwin. naim has been in development since October,
1998. More information is available from:

| To install or upgrade this package, run the Cygwin Net Release Setup     |
| Program, available from [http://cygwin.com/setup.exe]. Answer all of the |
| questions to reach the Select Packages screen. You will find naim listed |
| in the "Net" category.                                                   |

Summary of changes from 0.11.6 to [2003-09-23]
[pkg fea] Packages are now compressed with bzip2 rather than GNU zip.
[FT  FEA] (backported from 0.12.0) /names now displays the entire, correct
        list in all situations, including initial join.
[IRC fea] (backported from 0.12.0) Unhandled numerics used in WHOIS now show
        up in /whois output.
[TOC fea] AIM Directory entry is now forced clear on connect.
[TOC fea] Messages that are too long to send are now rejected.
[UI  FEA] Messages that have been rejected by a protocol driver (for example
        because they are too long) are returned to the sender.
[UI  fea] (backported from 0.12.0) The idea of a "generic" window has been
        removed, and you can no longer /delbuddy someone with an open window
        (you must /close the window first).
[UI  fea] (backported from 0.12.0) New $nameformat and $nameformat_name to
        control the format names appear as in the window list window, and
[UI  fea] (backported from 0.12.0) New $autosort. 0 means no window list
        sorting, 1 means sort by name, 2 means sort into groups, then by
[UI  fea] New /status command, including naim version and information about
        window status.
[UI  bug] Online help for /save did not show the file name argument. Fixed.
[UI  fea] SIGHUP now re-reads .naimprofile by default.
[UI  bug] Possible reference to free()d memory in certain uncommon
        situations pointed out by Michael Wilson. Fixed.
[UI  fea] (backported from 0.12.0) /jump now accepts connection:window
        syntax (/jump EFnet:#naim works the same as /EFnet:jump #naim).
[UI  fea] /open now takes you to newly opened windows, removing the need to
        /jump after /open.
[UI  fea] /closeall now skips windows with queued messages pending.
[UI  bug] Potential NULL pointer dereference in Tab completion found. Fixed.
[UI  fea] The protocol drivers already take care of populating empty buddy
        lists when that was a problem, so naim no longer adds you to your
        own buddy list if you don't have one at startup.
[UI  fea] Various cleanups in the HTML renderer to handle stacked tags with
        missing close tags.

If there is any questionable behaviour at all, please contact me directly at
<n@ml.org>, on AIM as "naim help," or on EFnet or Undernet IRC in #naim. If
you are interested in the use and development of naim, feel free to
subscribe to the naim-users mailing list. Just send a blank email to
<naim-users-subscribe@n.ml.org> and reply to the confirmation message.

Daniel Reed <n@ml.org>	http://naim-users.org/nmlorg/	http://naim.n.ml.org/
Never be afraid to try something new. Remember: Amateurs built the
ark. Professionals built the Titanic.

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