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Daniel Reed n@ml.org
Thu Oct 30 16:50:00 GMT 2003

naim is now available through the Cygwin Net Release.

This is primarily a maintenance release (small bug fixes and feature

naim is a console client for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), AOL I Seek You (ICQ),
Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and The lily CMC.
* naim includes unique features like zero-configuration peer to peer
  encryption, automatic message queueing, and incoming message modification
  (to correct common spelling mistakes and expand common abbreviations).
* naim also includes powerful dynamic module support, allowing developers to
  modify all major aspects of naim's behavior.
  + Third-party plug-ins have been used to extend naim's functionality for
    use in embedded monitoring clients, and for use as host to automatic
    clients ("bots").
* When combined with GNU Screen, naim is great to use as a chat client as
  well as an answering machine. Individual users can detach, log out, pack
  up and go home, then log back in from anywhere on the Internet to resume
  their naim session.
naim is maintained by an OPEN, DIRECTED COMMUNITY, and has been in
development since October, 1998.

More information is available from:

| To install or upgrade this package, run the Cygwin Net Release Setup     |
| Program, available from [http://cygwin.com/setup.exe]. Answer all of the |
| questions to reach the Select Packages screen. You will find naim listed |
| in the "Net" category.                                                   |

Summary of changes from to [2003-10-22]
[pkg fea] nicq.1, nirc.1, and nlily.1 are now stub man pages pointing to
	naim.1. In the past they were created as symlinks by a postinstall
[pkg fea] Cygwin-specific README has been moved from ${prefix}/doc/Cygwin to
[pkg fea] `make check' will now compile and execute an adapted version of
	Ian Gulliver's FireTalk test suite.
[IRC bug] When supplied with an extra-long nickname on sign-on, some IRC
	servers silently truncate the nickname to fit into their limits.
	This confused FireTalk. Fixed.
[Lil bug] The /topic command sent a non-existent /TOPIC command to the
	server instead of the proper /RETITLE command. Fixed.
[pkg fea] Several Makefiles have been rewritten for improved compatibility.
[UI  bug] Potential buffer underflow in logfile playback identified. Fixed.
[UI  BUG] Potential buffer overflow in spelling correction code identified.
	This is thought to be responsible for several reports of the
	recvfrom chain "losing" its hooks, stopping incoming messages from
	being displayed to the user. Fixed.
[UI  fea] Small improvements to the HTML renderer.

Summary of changes from to [2003-10-29]
[pkg bug] Cygwin packaging code cleaned up.
[pkg fea] More Makefile rewrites for improved compatibility.
[FT  bug] Long-standing connection-deletion routine has been addressed. This
	is a partial backport of the complete rewrite for 0.12.
[FT  bug] Several memory leaks have been corrected.
[Lil bug] When someone retitles a discussion, a window would be opened for
	it even if you were not a member. Fixed.
[Lil bug] Potential buffer underflow in signon code identified. Fixed.
[Lil fea] New line-receiving code backported from 0.12.
[Lil fea] New line-parsing code backported from 0.12.
[UI  bug] Potential use of uninitialized buffer in statusbar code
	identified. Work-around implemented.
[UI  bug] If two windows had identical presentations due to modifying
	$nameformat/$nameformat_named, Tab would stop working. Fixed.
[UI  bug] When leaving a chat generated an error, partial stack corruption
	occurred. Fixed.
[UI  bug] Double-join protection kept users from joining channels with an
	open window that they were not actually inside. Fixed.
[UI  bug] Potential heap corruption from realloc()ing a string and then
	copying it into itself identified. Fixed.
[UI  FEA] New key-handling code dramatically improves responsiveness for
	laggy connections and when pasting large blocks of text.

If there is any questionable behaviour at all, please contact me directly at
<n@ml.org>, on AIM as "naim help", or on EFnet or Undernet IRC in #naim. If
you are interested in the development of naim, feel free to subscribe to the
naim-technical mailing list. Just send a blank email to
<naim-technical-subscribe@n.ml.org> and reply to the confirmation message.

Daniel Reed <n@ml.org>	http://naim-users.org/nmlorg/	http://naim.n.ml.org/
Never be afraid to try something new. Remember: Amateurs built the
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