Updated: jpeg, libjpeg62 -6b-11 [Requires cygwin-1.5.3+]

Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Wed Sep 3 06:20:00 GMT 2003

The jpeg package contains the Independent JPEG Group's libjpeg library 
and various utility programs for manipulating jpeg files and images.

This release is built against the cygwin-1.5.x kernel; it will not work 
with 1.3.22.

libjpeg62-6b-11 (* new package)

This is NOT to be confused with the earlier jpeg-6b-8 and libjpeg6b-6b-8 
packages.  [Note the earlier lib package is 6b-6b-8, the new lib package 
is 62-6b-11 -- that's 62, not 6b]


* compiled against cygwin-1.5.2 kernel
* version bump and new package for the DLL
* Documentation moved to /usr/share/*
* compiled using libtool.  So, there's a libjpeg.la file now
* includes the 'lossless crop' patch from the Mandrake jpeg RPM.
   It's pretty widely used; I think the Red Hat RPM uses it too.
   This is *distinct* from the 'lossless jpeg' patch, which has
   been a part of the cygwin jpeg packages for ages, not without

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