Updated: libtool-1.5a-1

Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Fri Sep 5 06:32:00 GMT 2003

[does NOT require cygwin-1.5.3+ -- this package was in 'test' for normal 
reasons.  It doesn't solve all the problems I wanted it to, but it works 
everywhere the old version did, and fixes several bugs.]

The libtool package has been updated to version 1.5a-1. Recall that this 
package is not the REAL libtool.  It's a set of wrapper scripts that 
call the REAL libtool from libtool-stable or libtool-devel, depending on 
the needs of your target. See this message


o WANT_LIBTOOL_VER variable support added; now you can
   override the auto-detection logic by setting this environment
   variable. e.g. "WANT_LIBTOOL_VER=1.5"

o Add support for missing options
   (libtool) add support for --preserve-dup-deps

Charles Wilson
libtool-wrapper volunteer maintainer for cygwin

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