Updated: vim-6.2.098-1

Corinna Vinschen corinna-cygwin@cygwin.com
Wed Sep 17 11:38:00 GMT 2003

I've updated the version of vim to 6.2.098-1.

This version updates Cygwin's vim to the latest patchlevel 98.  Not all
of these patches are releated to the Cygwin version but I've applied
all, nevertheless.

A brief overview what problems the patches are solving:

6.2.001  help tags for ":stopinsert" were missing
6.2.002  crash for UTF-8 char when compiled without +eval feature
6.2.003  GTK 2: wide characters between 128 and 256 not displayed right
6.2.004  put in Visual-line selection at end of file goes wrong
6.2.005  GTK: Find and Find-Replace dialogs don't work
6.2.006  the netbeans code had an obsolete function with "vim61"
6.2.007  listing Cscope tag matches does not always work
6.2.008  XIM with GTK 2: preedit chars wrong after using backspace
6.2.009  Win32: self-installing exe "Full" install doesn't work
6.2.010  cursor can't move with multi-byte char and 'virtualedit' set
6.2.011  compilation problem when stat() is a macro
6.2.012  may hang when polling for a character when XSMP is supported
6.2.013  (extra) Win32: GvimExt uninstall key used "Vim 6.1"
6.2.014  (after 6.2.012) XSMP doesn't work when using poll()
6.2.015  the +xsmp feature is never enabled
6.2.016  small problems with cscope, also on Win32
6.2.017  test 11 sometimes prompts the user for a changed file
6.2.018  Unix: may need to press a key when reading from stdin
6.2.019  (lang) Portugese menu contains a split line
6.2.020  the "Syntax/Set syntax only" menu item causes an error message
6.2.021  the user manual section on exceptions contains small mistakes
6.2.022  (extra) Win32: delete menu item remains in torn off menu
6.2.023  (extra) the clean rule of Make_ivc.mak didn't clean enough
6.2.024  (extra) Win32: compiler warnings for typecasts
6.2.025  Mac: missing prototype for sigaltstack()
6.2.026  may get a warning for utimes() argument
6.2.027  warning for uninitialized variable when not using multi-byte
6.2.028  cscope may kill wrong process
6.2.029  using remote server may cause memory to leak
6.2.030  Mac: warnings for not using precompiled header files
6.2.031  ":options" causes a couple of errors
6.2.032  the lpc filetype was never recognized
6.2.033  (extra) Mac: various compiler warnings
6.2.034  Mac: avoid redefining DEFAULT_TERM
6.2.035  Mac: avoid compiler warnings in Python interface
6.2.036  Mac: add slash to directory names like on Unix
6.2.037  Win32: could get arbitrary codepage from encoding name
6.2.038  (extra) Win32: warning messages when using the MingW compiler
6.2.039  (extra) fix a few more warning messages for MingW
6.2.040  crash while starting up when using +xsmp feature
6.2.041  (extra, after 6.2.033) Mac: fix various compiler warnings
6.2.042  (extra) Cygwin: avoid optimizer problem with GCC 3.2
6.2.043  compiling with both netbeans and workshop doesn't work
6.2.044  confusing error message for ":au" about wrong event name
6.2.045  obtaining the '( mark changes the '' mark
6.2.046  with error in function arguments the function is still called
6.2.047  (extra) Win32: more MingW compiler warning fixes
6.2.048  Win32: Python interface doesn't work with Python 2.3
6.2.049  ":command -range=" doesn't give an error message
6.2.050  test 32 doesn't work on MS-Windows
6.2.051  when using "\=submatch(0)" in ":s" line breaks become NUL
6.2.052  a couple of messages are not translated
6.2.053  prototype for bzero() differs from what most systems use
6.2.054  backslash in trail byte doesn't work inside strings
6.2.055  wrong result when using col('.') after CTRL-O in Insert mode
6.2.056  (extra) Win32: building with Sniff++ doesn't work
6.2.057  (extra) Mac: compiler warnings when using -DMACOS_X
6.2.058  crash when 'autochdir' is set and buffer has no name
6.2.059  part of window not updated after listing completions
6.2.060  (extra) Win32: lalloc(0) error for copy/paste when 'enc' set
6.2.061  GUI: shift-left-click scrolls text instead of doing "*"
6.2.062  syntax highlighting wrong when using "containedin"
6.2.063  when using custom completion end up with no matches
6.2.064  resolve() only does one symlink; add the simplify() function
6.2.065  ":windo 123" only updates other windows when entering them
6.2.066  (extra) the Ruby interface doesn't work with Ruby 1.8
6.2.067  redraw error when searched text starts with composing char
6.2.068  Netbeans: file name with special characters causes trouble
6.2.069  (after 6.2.064) warnings for unused variables
6.2.070  (after 6.2.069) still a warning for an unused variable
6.2.071  limit for nr of items in 'statusline' is too low
6.2.072  using foldlevel() in 'foldexpr' cannot get level of prev. line
6.2.073  adding filetype detection requires editing "filetype.vim"
6.2.074  warnings when compiling the Python interface
6.2.075  message for failed writing of viminfo file contains NULL
6.2.076  cscope tags can be listed in the wrong order
6.2.077  custom completion function gets zero instead of empty string
6.2.078  "make test" doesn't work if Vim was not compiled yet
6.2.079  ":w ++enc=utf-8 !cmd" doesn't work
6.2.080  when 't_ti' is not empty "ZZ" may not clear the command line
6.2.081  length of multibyte string in the statusline is computed wrong
6.2.082  can't compile with Perl 5.8.1
6.2.083  words marked with ^^^^ in quickfix window don't line up
6.2.084  in Visual mode "g_" always goes to past the end of the line
6.2.085  ":verb set ts" should refer to "-c" and "--cmd" argument
6.2.086  "{" and "}" don't work very well with closed folds
6.2.087  CTRL-^ and ":bnext" don't respect the 'confirm' option
6.2.088  when 'sidescrolloff' is set 'showmatch' may not work correctly
6.2.089  ":set isk+=" adds a comma
6.2.090  (extra) #pragma's cause trouble for MingW compiler
6.2.091  dropping a file on Vim may cause following messages to scroll
6.2.092  a few invalid tags appear in the help tags file
6.2.093  "nnoremenu" worked like ":noremenu"
6.2.094  GTK version can't be compiled with tiny features
6.2.095  the message "Cannot go to buffer x" is confusing for ":buf 6"
6.2.096  Win32: ":let @* = ''" put a newline on the clipboard
6.2.097  changing 'insertmode' doesn't always have immediate effect
6.2.098  (after 6.2.097) can't compile with tiny features

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