New package: cocom-0.995-1

Igor Pechtchanski
Sat Sep 27 15:13:00 GMT 2003

I have packaged the COCOM compiler creation toolset
(<>).  The COCOM toolset is intended to help
creation of compilers, cross-compilers, interpreters, and other language
processors. The distribution also contains an interpreter for the DINO
language as an example of the toolset usage.

The toolset compiles OOTB.  It contains the following tools:
  ammunition - a set of reusable packages in C/C++
  msta - a parser generator
  nona - an instruction selection generator
  oka - a pipeline hazard recognition generator for RISC processors
  shilka - a minimal pruned O-trie generator
  sprut - an internal representation interface generator

and, of course, the DINO language mentioned above.

More information can be found in the README file and on the above webpage.

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Igor Pechtchanski
Cygwin COCOM Volunteer Maintainer
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