New package: help2man-1.33.1-1

Yaakov Selkowitz
Wed Feb 4 04:54:00 GMT 2004

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GNU help2man is now available with the Cygwin net distribution:

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~  *         (canonical download)

help2man is a perl script that generates man pages based on the output
of a program's --help and --version options.

This is a build requirement for the gtypist package, and is generally
used by many programs for making their man pages.  It can also be run
manually and has a number of command line options.  For example, the
following will generate a man page for tar (which doesn't have its own):

$ help2man /usr/bin/tar -s 1 -S FSF -o /usr/share/man/man1/tar.1

Please note that due to some Linux-specific code in the NLS component
and a dependency on a Perl module, this package was configured with a
- --disable-nls flag.  If we manage to get this working a new release will
be posted.


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