Updated: gd-2.0.21-1/libgd2-2.0.21-1/libgd-devel-2.0.21-1

Dr. Volker Zell dr.volker.zell@oracle.com
Mon Feb 9 11:32:00 GMT 2004


A new version of 'gd/libgd2/libgd-devel' has been uploaded to a server near you.

A graphics library for fast image creation


* Build with cygwin-1.5.7

* Routine upgrade to 2.0.21


What's new in version 2.0.21?

    * Version 2.0.21 adds a gdImageCreateFrom*Ptr family of functions which make it convenient to load an image in any GD-supported format directly from memory.
    * The new gdNewDynamicCtxEx function was added to support the easy implementation of the above functions and to correct a design problem which made life unpleasant for those passing in memory not originally allocated by gd to the gdNewDynamicCtx function by provoding a way to specify that gd should never free or reallocate a particular block of memory. The gdNewDynamicCtx function and its relatives, although still exported for ABI compatibility, are now deprecated except for internal use, in favor of gdImageCreateFromPngPtr and its relatives.
    * Version 2.0.21 includes a new patch from Ethan A. Merritt to correct a bug in the conditional compilation of support for symbol fonts in gdft.c. Symbol fonts should now work correctly. Thanks to Mr. Merritt.
    * Version 2.0.20 restores the gdFreeFontCache function, an undocumented function added in an earlier release which now simply calls gdFontCacheShutdown for backwards compatibility. This repairs build problems when compiling PHP against the latest gd.
    * Documentation improvements.

What's new in version 2.0.20?

    * Version 2.0.20 restores the gdFreeFontCache function, an undocumented function added in an earlier release which now simply calls gdFontCacheShutdown for backwards compatibility. This repairs build problems when compiling PHP against the latest gd.

What's new in version 2.0.19?

    * Version 2.0.19 restored extern declarations for the gd font pointers inadvertently removed in 2.0.18.

What's new in version 2.0.18?

    * A Win32 binary distribution of "bgd.dll," built with mingw32 and tested with win32 versions of the demo programs as console applications, is now available.
    * Semicolon rather than space used as the default separator of alternative font file paths in gdImageStringFT, for better compatibility with Windows and other environments where spaces are common in paths.
    * The circletexttest demo no longer fails to compile when JPEG support happens to be absent.

What's new in version 2.0.17?

Minor compilation and packaging problems with 2.0.16 were corrected. If 2.0.16 compiled without errors for you, then you don't need to upgrade to 2.0.17.

What's new in version 2.0.16?

    * Thread safety for freetype text output. Background: all gd functions were already thread safe, as long as only one thread manipulates each image -- except for gdImageStringFT and gdImageStringFTEx. This is because of a shared freetype font cache. Sharing the cache between images is worthwhile, so "configure" now detects pthreads and uses it to wrap freetype text output in a critical section if available. There is also critical section support under WIN32. Those who wish to be strictly thread-safe should call the new function gdFontCacheSetup before allowing any thread to use freetype text calls. Otherwise this function is automatically invoked on the first use of freetype, with a very small but real chance of a race condition.
    * gdImageSquareToCircle performs a "polar coordinate transform," returning a new image in which the X axis of the original has been remapped to theta (angle) and the Y axis of the original has been remapped to rho (distance from center).
    * gdImageStringFTCircle wraps text in a circle around a specified center point. This function takes advantage of gdImageSquareToCircle. The result is very smooth, although it takes some time to compute. Thanks to Steve Bassi for sponsoring this work.
    * gdImageSharpen, contributed by Paul Troughton. Thank you.
    * Christophe Thomas corrected gdft.c to include freetype header files in the way that is now mandatory in freetype 2.1.6 and above.
    * Gustavo Scotti fixed a memory leak in gdft.c.
    * Clipping rectangle respected in freetype text output. Thanks to Matt McNabb.
    * Paul den Dulk found a degenerate case that crashes gdImageToPalette. Fixed.
    * Optimization by Ilia Chipitsine to avoid wasting time with offscreen scanlines during polygon rasterization.
    * Optimized PNG saving by Phong Tran. Speeds up saves a little bit.
    * Bug in gdImageCopyResized fixed by Mao Morimoto. 

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