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Eric Blake ebb9@byu.net
Thu Dec 21 04:43:00 GMT 2006

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A new release of git,, has been uploaded, replacing as
the current version.

This is a new upstream release.  See also the package documentation in

Changes from the upstream release announcements are listed below.

Git is popular version control system designed to handle very large
projects with speed and efficiency; it is used mainly for various open
source projects, most notably the Linux kernel.

Git falls in the category of distributed source code management tools,
similar to e.g. GNU Arch or Monotone (or BitKeeper in the proprietary
world). Every Git working directory is a full-fledged repository with full
revision tracking capabilities, not dependent on network access or a
central server.

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on the
http://cygwin.com/ web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your system.
Save it and run setup, answer the questions and pick up 'git' from
the 'Devel' category.

Note that downloads from sources.redhat.com (aka cygwin.com) aren't
allowed due to bandwidth limitations.  This means that you will need to
find a mirror which has this update, please choose the one nearest to you:

If you want to make a point or ask a question the Cygwin mailing list is
the appropriate place.

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Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin git maintainer

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Changes since v1.4.4.1 are as follows:

Alex Riesen (1):
      git-blame: fix rev parameter handling.

Andy Parkins (2):
      Increase length of function name buffer
      Document git-repo-config --bool/--int options.

Eric Wong (4):
      git-svn: error out from dcommit on a parent-less commit
      git-svn: correctly handle revision 0 in SVN repositories
      git-svn: preserve uncommitted changes after dcommit
      git-svn: avoid fetching files twice in the same revision

Johannes Schindelin (1):
      git-mv: search more precisely for source directory in index

Junio C Hamano (5):
      git blame -C: fix output format tweaks when crossing file boundary.
      tutorial: talk about user.name early and don't start with commit -a
      receive-pack: do not insist on fast-forward outside refs/heads/
      unpack-trees: make sure "df_conflict_entry.name" is NUL terminated.
      git-reset to remove "$GIT_DIR/MERGE_MSG"

René Scharfe (1):
      archive-zip: don't use sizeof(struct ...)

* The 'maint' branch is at v1.4.4.3 and has these fixes since

   Alex Riesen (1):
      Clarify fetch error for missing objects.

   Brian Gernhardt (1):
      Move Fink and Ports check to after config file

   Chris Wright (1):
      no need to install manpages as executable

   Eric Wong (2):
      git-svn: exit with status 1 for test failures
      git-svn: correctly display fatal() error messages

   Jim Meyering (1):
      Don't use memcpy when source and dest. buffers may overlap

   Junio C Hamano (1):

   Martin Langhoff (1):
      cvsserver: Avoid miscounting bytes in Perl v5.8.x

   Shawn Pearce (2):
      Make sure the empty tree exists when needed in merge-recursive.
      Bypass expensive content comparsion during rename detection.

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