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Dr. Volker Zell dr.volker.zell@oracle.com
Tue Jun 19 00:15:00 GMT 2007


A new *TEST* version of 'xemacs' has been uploaded to a server near you.

A powerful, highly customizable open source text editor and application 
development system



 * Routine update
 * Added --with-archlibdir
   to configure otherwise XEmacs doesn't find it's exec-directory/doc-directory/module-directory
 * Removed --disable-mc-alloc from configure

 * Not officially released
 * Routine update
 * Switched to cygport build framework


 * Not officially released
 * Added --with-dragndrop and --with-offix to configure
 * Added --with-xft=emacs,tabs,menubars,gauges
 * Added --disable-mc-alloc because of 'assertion failed' messages
XEmacs NEWS:

Major Features and Backward Incompatible Changes

-- Fix: Check for missing dimensions for default face and window -- Aidan Kehoe, Mike Sperber
-- Fix: Crash in PNG error handler -- Stephen J. Turnbull, Ron Isaacson
-- Fix: Crash in device-matching-specifier-list -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Fix: Crash in gtk/x_reset_modifier_mapping -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Crash in linux_play_data_or_file on 64-bit linux -- Hans Graff, Vin Shelton
-- Fix: Crash on double-close of fd in pdump -- Steve Higham, Vin Shelton
-- Fix: Crash via buffer overflow in doc.c -- Aidan Kehoe, Fabrice Popineau
-- Fix: Crash via buffer overrun in init_native_sound -- Jerry James
-- Fix: Crash when deleting dialog via window manager -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Fix: Device type of msprinter is non-window-system -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Float formats overflow output buffer -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Font menu on non-Mule -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: ISO 2022 decoding kludges -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Make snarf-documentation robust to nonconforming DOC files -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Non-existent charset ID is specified for a mule-to-unicode call -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Sanity checks before accessing frame in x_set_frame_properties -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Type of arguments to GaugeMercury (related to progress bar crash?) -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Fix: init_native_sound is called on a msprinter device -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: set-buffer-file-coding-system now sets buffer-modified-flag by default -- Aidan Kehoe
-- New: Echo area resizing -- Adrian Aichner, Stephen J. Turnbull

User-Visible Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

-- Fix: Avoid delays in TTY-only builds by checking dispatch event queue -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Avoid looking up variable bindings during GC -- Nix
-- Fix: Buffer overruns in gnuclient and gnuslib -- Jerry James
-- Fix: Remove references to unimplemented input methods from language environments -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Find modules correctly -- Ville Skytt„, Mike Sperber, Stephen Turnbull
-- Fix: Get X11 window property correctly on 64-bit platforms -- Stephen J. Turnbull, Mike Fabian, Takashi Iwai
-- Fix: Handle coding system in file insertion in buffer properly -- Mike Sperber
-- Fix: Info broke invariant `(equal buffer-file-truename (file-truename buffer-file-name))' -- Stephen J. Turnbull, Nelson Ferreira
-- Fix: Lots of tweaking of Windows read-only handling -- Vin Shelton, Benson Margulies
-- Fix: Make --unmapped work again -- Malcolm Purvis
-- Fix: Make copying of char tables work -- Olivier Galibert, Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Fix: Prevent C-z in a gnuclient frame from suspending the process -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Regex for finding command nodes -- Jeff Miller
-- Fix: Reversion should check buffer-file-coding-system -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Syntax of guillemets -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Window configuration should not restore window position unless requested -- Nix
-- Improve: Better version info in etags -- Stephen Turnbull, Steve Youngs
-- Improve: Case table, syntax table information for Cyrillic, Greek -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Improve: Face initialization from X resources -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Improve: Give x-compose-map an entry for sharp S -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Improve: Handling of Asian "full-width" characters on TTY -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Improve: Language environment detection from locale -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Improve: Look harder for X11 locale-specific app-defaults files -- Malcolm Purvis
-- Improve: Make read-quoted-char terminate, not error, on non-character keys -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Improve: Sort abbrev database -- Adrian Aichner
-- Improve: Support non-ISO Cyrillic keysyms -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Improve: Sync etags to pot version 17.26; improve version report -- Stephen J. Turnbull, Steve Youngs
-- Improve: Sync etags to pot version 17.32; move improved version report to configure, lose pot version report -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Improve: Try to rationalize resources of Xft in lwlib -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Improve: Use short list fixed string registries, not long list pruned by regexp for X11 fonts -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Improve: charsets-in-region now in C -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Improve: what-cursor-position gives Unicode and Mule information on non-ASCII -- Aidan Kehoe
-- New: Add raw string support like SXEmacs -- Aidan Kehoe
-- New: Find C source files for Lisp primitives -- Aidan Kehoe
-- New: Just-in-time definition of Unicode characters and X keysyms -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Update: New package download sites -- Adrian Aichner
-- Update: Sync etags to pot_etags_version 17.19 -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Update: Sync pop[ch] to Emacs -- Jerry James
-- Update: Update to 2003 version of ISO 8859-7 table -- Aidan Kehoe

Build Infrastructure

-- Fix: Allow lowercase file names in mswin SDK -- Benson Margulies
-- Fix: Avoid using Motif for cygwin -- Dr. Volker Zell
-- Fix: C is not C++ -- Robert Pluim
-- Fix: Check for u_int*_t typedefs -- Dr. Volker Zell
-- Fix: Correct help strings, remove obsolete configure.* files -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Fix: Documentation of --with-error-checking options -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Fix: Don't call ichar_to_unicode on non-MULE -- Mike Sperber
-- Fix: Enable SYSTEM_MALLOC on ppc64, alpha and ia64 systems -- Malcolm Purvis
-- Fix: Make user-defined directories work in configure -- Mike Sperber
-- Fix: Register --enable and --with forms with the option checking list -- Malcolm Purvis
-- Fix: Remove Autoconf 2.13-isms -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Fix: Revert workaround for now-fixed Cygwin bug of missing d_ino field -- Dr. Volker Zell
-- Fix: Typo in configure shell syntax -- Jerry James
-- Fix: Use $EGREP, not egrep -- Malcolm Purvis
-- Fix: Use new Cygwin XPM lib name -- Rick Rankin
-- Fix: Work around m4_cdr change -- Malcolm Purvis
-- Fix: `config.status --recheck' bug in Autoconf 2.60/2.61 -- Malcolm Purvis
-- Fix: char type correctness -- Vin Shelton, Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: configure debugger init files correctly -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Improve: Conditionalize GCC warnings on version -- Jerry James
-- Improve: Create $srcdir/src/depend if missing -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Improve: Detect Intel Macs, use POSIX-style write barrier in NewGC -- Marcus Crestani
-- Improve: Refactor Canna detection -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Improve: Setup kit configuration -- Vin Shelton

improvement -- debugger init sources can use XCOMM convention

-- New: Check for utilities that are not on "normal" Solaris PATH -- Stephen J. Turnbull, S L Baur


-- Fix: Description of kanji read syntax, size of Ichar (now 21 bits) -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Improve docstrings -- Stephen J. Turnbull, Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Make manual conform to reality -- Malcolm Purvis, Robert Pluim, Aidan Kehoe, Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Fix: New compatibility alias string-to-char-list -- Vin Shelton, Ville Skytt„
-- Fix: Typo fixes in manual -- Stephen J. Turnbull, Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Update FSF address -- Jerry James, Stephen Turnbull
-- Fix: Update copyrights -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Improve: Small rephrasing in TUTORIAL.de -- Adrian Aichner, hroptatyr
-- New: Describe X errors when using ssh in PROBLEMS -- Malcolm Purvis
-- New: Describe XFree86 crash in PROBLEMS -- Stephen J. Turnbull, Aidan Kehoe
-- New: Describe how X11R7 loses x11/bitmaps/gray in PROBLEMS -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Update: Addresses in files and ChangeLogs -- Adrian Aichner, Stephen J. Turnbull

Lisp API

-- Fix: Catch error in cloning language environment -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Make shell-command use requested output buffer -- Jerry James

-- fix: xft-version is now DEVAR_CONST_INT.

-- Improve: Face initialization and specification -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Improve: Make `split-char' available in no-mule -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Improve: New unicode-type property of Unicode coding systems -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Improve: Reorganize Mule lisp -- Aidan Kehoe
-- New: Full access to FcConfig objects -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- New: ccl-compile-mule-to-unicode, ccl-compile-unicode-to-mule, ccl-dump-mule-to-unicode, ccl-dump-unicode-to-mule -- Aidan Kehoe
-- New: deprecate set-charset-registry, charset-registry -- Aidan Kehoe
-- New: font-lock-keywords-alist, font-lock-removed-keywords-alist,  font-lock-add-keywords, font-lock-update-removed-keyword-alist, font-lock-remove-keywords -- Adrian Aichner
-- New: set-charset-registries, charset-registries -- Aidan Kehoe
-- New: x-coverage-instantiator specifier tag identifies Unicode fallbacks -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Update: Sync font-lock-add-keywords and font-lock-remove-keywords from GNU Emacs. -- Adrian Aichner

Internal API and Implementation

-- Fix: Dead code elimination in font-mgr -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Fix: Eliminate buffer overflows and NULL pointer references -- Jerry James, Adrian Aichner
-- Fix: Memory leaks -- Jerry James
-- Fix: Mule correctness with strings passed to warning functions -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Syntax errors -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Typo in string_direct_data_description -- Marcus Crestani
-- Fix: Use defined APIs -- Stephen J. Turnbull, Aidan Kehoe
-- Fix: Warning elimination -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Improve: Cache Xrm coding system -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Improve: GCPRO correctness -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Improve: NewGC fault handling -- Marcus Crestani
-- Improve: Reorganize and document separate_textual_runs -- Olivier Galibert, Stephen J. Turnbull
-- Improve: 21-bit Mule chars to support JIT charsets -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Update: Get Unicode tables with permissive license -- Stephen J. Turnbull, Mike Fabian

Testing and Debugging

-- Improve: Sort results of charset-in-* before comparing to expected. -- Aidan Kehoe
-- Improve: gdbinit.in recognizes new FcConfig objects -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- New: Silence-Message macro in test-harness.el -- Stephen J. Turnbull
-- New: Test for ISO-2022 decoder not choking on invalid UTF-8 -- Aidan Kehoe
-- New: Test for copy-syntax-table bug -- Stephen Turnbull, Ralf Angeli
-- New: Test for correct usage of escape-quoted cookie -- Aidan Kehoe
-- New: Test for availability of input methods referenced in language environments -- Aidan Kehoe
-- New: Test raw strings -- Aidan Kehoe
-- New: Test Unicode non-BMP support -- Aidan Kehoe
 * http://xemacs.org/Releases/21.5.27.html
 * http://xemacs.org/Releases/21.5.26.html
 * http://xemacs.org/Releases/21.5.25.html
 * http://xemacs.org/Releases/21.5.24.html

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