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Thu Apr 24 03:54:00 GMT 2008

I've adopted the xerces-c package and updated the version to 2.8.0-1.

xerces-c is a validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++ 
(it is also known as Xerces-C++).  xerces-c makes it easy to give your 
application the ability to read and write XML data. A shared library is 
provided for parsing, generating, manipulating, and validating XML 

Changes since 2.5.0-1
* new maintainer
* switched to cygport build framework
* renamed xerces-c-devel --> libxerces-c-devel
* new xerces-c-test package provides test and utility programs
* updated to latest upstream release

The changes in the various official release since the last cygwin 
release are summarized below.

xerces-c 2.8.0 (August 31, 2007)
* Exponential growth of memory block (from 16KB to 128KB) that
   are allocated by the DOM heap.
* The NODE_CLONED notification is now sent to each node's user
   data handler when cloning the entire DOMDocument.
* On Windows extract the registry code page from
   MIME\Database\Charset\<encoding>\@InternetEncoding instead
   of MIME\Database\Charset\<encoding>\@Codepage.
* Allow whitespace-only nodes to be added as children of a
* When a node is cloned or imported the type information (PSVI)
   is also copied.
* When using SAX2, including XMLReaderFactory to use createXMLReader
   doesn't include xercesc/parsers/SAX2XMLReaderImpl.hpp anymore. If
   you need to cast the SAX2XMLReader to SAX2XMLReaderImpl, you need
   to include this header yourself.

xerces-c 2.7.0 (September 01, 2005)
* Feature to not generate XML Schema annotations. That is, not
   to add them to the grammar. If you don't need annotations you
   may want to turn on this feature to avoid memory bloat for
   XML Schemas that use annotations heavily.
* Option to skip regenerating the XML Schema annotations when
   deserializing a grammar. If you don't need annotations you
   may want to turn on this option to avoid memory bloat for
   XML Schemas that use annotations heavily.
* Feature to not perform default entity resolution. When the
   entityResolver returns NULL, the parser does not try to
   resolve the entity externally.
* Feature to do schema-only validation even if there is a DTD.

xerces-c 2.6.0 (October 02, 2004)
* Reduce footprint of DLL by building the deprecated DOM as a
   separate library
* Various enhancements to the schema component model API
* Improve support for schema annotations, including an option
   to laxly validate their contents
* Bring parser up to the XML 1.0 3rd Edition
* Update to the XML 1.1 recommendation
* Update Schema Errata
* Feature for disabling schema identity constraints
* Upgrade to ICU3.0
* Enable the parser to handle elements with a very large
   number of attributes


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