Updated: libggi2-2.2.2-1, libggi2-devel-2.2.2-1, libggi2-display-aa-2.2.2-1, libggi2-display-file-2.2.2-1, libggi2-display-terminfo-2.2.2-1, libggi2-display-x-2.2.2-1 and libggi2-samples-2.2.2-1

Peter Rosin peda@lysator.liu.se
Thu Nov 20 10:37:00 GMT 2008

A new version of 'libggi' is available for download. It is an upstreams
bugfix release, but I have also switched to cygport from g-b-s and I have
backported a patch in response to a problem reported by Marco Atzeri in

- display-lcd823(7): Make it build. Reported by Kimura Masaru.
- programs/check/speed.c: Make it build with glibc 2.4. Reported by Kimura Masaru.
- display-tile(7): Handle flushed area independent of the origin of the tile.
- Crossblit fixes. Crossblitting some widths across some depths caused the 8
   rightmost pixels to not be blitted.
- display-vgl(7): Build fix.
- buildsystem: Make bootstrapping with automake 1.10 work.
- display-quartz(7): Don't create a composite window. This irritates internal event
   handling chains.
- generic-linear-4, generic-linear-4-r: lots of bugfixes in 4bit default renderers
- generic-linear-16, generic-linear-24, generic-linear-32: various crossblit fixes
- generic-stubs: fix stack corruption in copybox for unpacked sub-byte modes.
- generic-linear-1, generic-linear-1-r: fix off-by-one bug in ggiPutc(3).

New packages:


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