[1.7] Updated: unzip-6.0-10

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Tue Aug 4 23:06:00 GMT 2009

UnZip is an open-source, command-line alternative to other zip-format
archives such as WinZip, etc.  unzip-6.0 is the latest release from
Info-Zip, http://www.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/UnZip.html.

This is a major feature release. It supports large files (> 2GiB)
and unicode file names.

This release is specific to cygwin-1.7.  There is no corresponding
cygwin-1.5 release.

[[ compiled using gcc-3.4.4-999 ]]

CHANGES (since 5.52-10)
o Update to latest release. Upstream changes detailed below.
o Enable unicode file name support. This is an experimental
  feature, and requires zip-3.0-11 or better to create.
o Enable bzip2 decompression (Using custom build of bzip2
  library for better error messages).
o Bring in debian patches from (sid) 6.0-1

Upstream changes (e.g. New for 6.0)
o UnZip 6.0 finally supports nowadays "large" files of sizes > 2 GiB!
o This is the first release containing support for the PKWARE Zip64
o Major changes are:
   - Support PKWARE ZIP64 extensions, allowing Zip archives and Zip archive
     entries larger than 4 GiBytes and more than 65536 entries within a single
     Zip archive. This support is currently only available for Unix,
     OpenVMS and Win32/Win64.
   - Support for bzip2 compression method.
   - Support for UTF-8 encoded entry names, both through PKWARE's "General
     Purpose Flags Bit 11" indicator and Info-ZIP's new "up" unicode path
     extra field.  (Currently, on Windows the UTF-8 handling is limited to
     the character subset contained in the configured non-unicode "system
     code page".)
   - Fixed "Time of Creation/Time of Use" vulnerability when setting attributes
     of extracted files, for Unix and Unix-like ports.
   - Fixed memory leak when processing invalid deflated data.
   - Fixed long-standing bug in unshrink (partial_clear), added boundary checks
     against invalid compressed data.
   - On Unix, keep inherited SGID attribute bit for extracted directories
     unless restoration of owner/group id or SUID/SGID/Tacky attributes was
   - On Unix, allow extracted filenames to contain embedded control characters
     when explicitly requested by specifying the new command line option "-^".
   - On Unix, support restoration of symbolic link attributes.
   - On Unix, support restoration of 32-bit UID/GID data using the new "ux"
     IZUNIX3 extra field introduced with Zip 3.0.
   - Support for ODS5 extended filename syntax on new OpenVMS systems.
   - Support symbolic links zipped up on VMS.
   - New -D option to suppress restoration of timestamps for extracted
     directory entries (on those ports that support setting of directory
     timestamps).  By specifying "-DD", this new option also allows to suppress
     timestamp restoration for ALL extracted files on all UnZip ports which
     support restoration of timestamps.
   - On OS/2, Win32, and Unix, the (previously optional) feature UNIXBACKUP
     to allow saving backup copies of overwritten files on extraction is now
     enabled by default.

Charles Wilson
volunteer unzip maintainer for cygwin


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