Updated: ncdu-1.6-1

Christian Franke Christian.Franke@t-online.de
Thu Apr 8 15:32:00 GMT 2010

Version 1.6-1 of ncdu has been uploaded.


ncdu is a ncurses-based disk usage viewer. It provides a fast and
easy-to-use interface through 'du' utility. It allows to browse through
the directories and show percentages of disk usage.

Upstream NEWS:

Changes in 1.6:
         - Implemented hard link detection
         - Properly select the next item after deletion
         - Removed reliance of dirfd()
         - Fixed non-void return in void delete_process()
         - Fixed several tiny memory leaks
         - Return to previously opened directory on failed recalculation
         - Properly display MiB units instead of MB (IEEE 1541 - bug 
         - Link to ncursesw when available
         - Improved support for non-ASCII characters
         - VIM keybindings for browsing through the tree (#2788249, 

Changes in 1.5:
         - Fixed incorrect apparent size on directory refresh
         - Browsing keys now work while file info window is displayed
         - Current directory is assumed when no directory is specified
         - Size graph uses the apparent size if that is displayed
         - Items are ordered by displayed size rather than disk usage
         - Removed switching between powers of 1000/1024
         - Don't rely on the availability of suseconds_t
         - Correctly handle paths longer than PATH_MAX
         - Fixed various bugs related to rpath()
         - Major code rewrite
         - Fixed line width when displaying 100%

Changes in 1.4:
         - Removed the startup window
         - Filenames ending with a tidle (~) will now also
           be hidden with the 'h'-key
         - Fixed buffer overflow when supplying a path longer
           than PATH_MAX (patch by Tobias Stoeckmann)
         - Used S_BLKSIZE instead of a hardcoded block size of 512
         - Fixed display of disk usage and apparent sizes
         - Updated ncdu -h
         - Included patches for Cygwin
         - Cursor now follows the selected item
         - Added spaces around path (debian #472194)
         - Fixed segfault on empty directory (debian #472294)
         - A few code rewrites and improvements

Christian Franke


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