Updated: {xz/liblzma-devel/liblzma1}-4.999.9beta-11

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Sun Apr 11 15:59:00 GMT 2010

The xz package is the successor to lzma.  Its command-line tools
support both .lzma files and the new .xz format, and it ships with
compatibility links so you don't even need to retrain your fingers:
'lzma', 'lzcat', etc, are all still present. However, you probably
should: .xz files are already being used by some upstream source
distribution sites, including GNU FSF, and the new format includes
features (such as internal integrity checks) that the old .lzma
format lacks.

The xz package provides a new runtime library: liblzma supports
encoding as well as decoding, both .lzma and .xz streams. The older
liblzmadec library supported decoding .lzma streams only.

Notes about stability:
>From (an old version of) the package README:

    This is a beta version. The .xz file format is now stable though,
    which means that files created with the beta version will be
    uncompressible with all future XZ Utils versions too (assuming
    that there are no catastrophical bugs).

    liblzma API is pretty stable now, although minor tweaks may still
    be done if really needed. The ABI is not stable yet. The major
    soname will be bumped right before the first stable release.
    Probably it will be bumped to something like .so.5.0.0 because
    some distributions using the alpha versions already had to use
    other versions than .so.0.0.0.

For cygwin, this means that the current DLL number "1" will be
changed to "5" (or whatever major soname upstream decides on)
when xz-5.0 is released.  This gives us plenty of room (2-4) for
other DLL number changes between now and that release for any
issues that pop up. The final 5.0 release is expected relatively
soon.  However, I wanted cygwin to begin supporting the new (now
stable) .xz file format immediately -- and "relatively soon"
sounds dangerously close to the (laughable and always wrong)
"Real Soon Now".

This is routine update to a more recent git snapshot.

[[ compiled using gcc-4.3.4-3 ]]

CHANGES (since 4.999.9beta-10)
o Update to 2010-Apr-01 git snapshot
  Wed Mar 31 16:47:25 2010 +0300
o Rebuild using gcc4, against official cygwin-1.7.x release.
o Upstream:
  - Documentation updates
  - Fix option parsing bug in xz
  - Fix installation issue on cygwin/mingw.
  - lzmainfo bugfixes
  - New lzma_filters_copy(), lzma_physmem(), and io_pread() APIs.
  - Behavioral modification for filter chain initialization/update:
    Technically, this is a ABI change, but to date is is only used
    internally, so I didn't bump the DLL number.
  - xz now supports --info-memory and --robot options, and a
    rudimentary implemenation of --list.
  - Fix various liblzma bugs
  - liblzma now relies on auto-import, for MinGW/Cygwin
  - Never accept (or output) compressed data from a tty
  - xzgrep now supports filenames with spaces

Charles Wilson
volunteer xz maintainer for cygwin


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