Updated: mintty-0.9.4-1

Andy Koppe andy.koppe@gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 21:35:00 GMT 2010

mintty 0.9.4-1 is on its way to the Cygwin mirrors. This is a
maintenance release.

- Reinstated flow control with ^S and ^Q, following protests. Hence
the stty command to enable it in 0.9.3 is no longer needed. The 'stty
-ixon' command can be used to disable flow control again and make ^S
and ^Q available for other functions.
- The 'ixany' terminal flag is set instead, which tells the terminal
driver to restart output on any input character rather than just ^Q,
thus still stopping users from "hanging" their terminal.
- Tweaked the layout and wording of some options. Renamed the 'Output'
pane to 'Terminal'.

Mintty is a terminal emulator for Cygwin with a native Windows user
interface and minimalist design. Among its features are Unicode
support and a graphical options dialog. Its terminal emulation is
largely compatible with xterm, but it does not require an X server.

The mintty manual is installed as a manpage ('man mintty'). It's also
available at http://mintty.googlecode.com/svn/tags/0.9.4/docs/mintty.1.html.

Questions and comments can be sent to the mintty discussion group at
http://groups.google.com/group/mintty-discuss or the Cygwin mailing
list. Please use the issue tracker at
http://code.google.com/p/mintty/issues/list to report bugs or suggest


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